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Hebrew unscrambled - speak hebrew without confusion

Hebrew unscrambled - speak hebrew without confusion
Posted By : Margaret Garland
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Hebrew unscrambled - speak hebrew without confusion
Don't even think about learning Hebrew until you take a minute to read this critical information...

...On the other hand, if you already speak a little Hebrew, but need to quickly improve your skills, then this information will save you hundreds of wasted dollars and countless hours of frustration!

Even with some of the basics already under your belt it can still be a daunting task - as I painfully found out...

You see, I arrived in Jerusalem for a few weeks (on business) and even though I was told I had enough of the language under my belt to enjoy my stay, I was totally shocked by what was about to happen...

In almost every encounter it seemed like I was desperately trying to piece together the Hebrew I had learnt, only to see another blank stare or puzzled look from almost all the people I tried to communicate with. Ouch!

When I did manage to get a reply, it was all I could do to pick out the odd familiar word and hope that people wouldn't mind repeating each sentence again (and again, and again!)... talk about embarrassing...

It wasn't that I didn't have any vocabulary at all or that I hadn't learnt how to ask simple questions for directions and so forth. The real problem was that...

To explain a little more, although I was taught Hebrew by professionals, it was in completely the wrong way for me and I didn't realise until it was way too late! So, without the fundamental building blocks in...Read More detail


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