30 Day Home Workout Challenge - Home Workout Challeng

30 Day Home Workout Challenge - Home Workout Challeng
30 Day Home Workout Challenge - Home Workout Challeng is You walk into the gym, you didn’t have time to go home beforehand so you’re still in your work clothes. By the time you change you’re already knackered from a long day at work, driving over, lugging the kit bag out of the car and dragging it into the building.

On your left is a huge, Goliath of a man pouting in the mirror and intermittently lifting massive weights like they are made of cardboard…Why would any guy want to look THAT bulky, its not attractive, just vain and weird? Hoping for a more inspiring sight, you look left…

This thin, toned and frankly beautiful woman is making her rounds of every single piece of equipment and making you feel like a fat, ugly loser. Especially when all the guys ogle her.

Time to try something else. You pick weights because at least you can have a short rest between reps without looking silly. It isn’t long before this strategy becomes flawed as well though, lifting weights is hard and you’re really feeling the burn.

What makes it worse is you ate almost nothing for the entire time, basically just cereal and carrot sticks. How is that possible, how can you gain weight while sticking to that ridiculous knackering ordeal and eating nothing but rabbit food?

You see if you’re anything like Jenny you’ve made some very common mistakes in your weight loss plan which have caused your body to go into weight gain rather than weight loss mode. Relax though…

There is a kind of conspiracy going on that’s preventing you from finding strategies that work. Actually, its not so much of a conspiracy as a “series of unfortunate events”… You see there is a ton of misinformation floating around about how to lose weight, how to get fit and even just how to be healthy.

Most of it comes from well meaning people (friends, family AND “professionals”) who focus on telling you secondhand stories, half truths and occasionally, downright hearsay which does you far more harm than good. What’s even more frustrating for you is how conflicting most of this advice is, right?

People who are unable to lose weight because they keep switching strategies, using ones that don’t work or losing motivation because it seems too difficult or painful are called “Fitness Wanderers”...Read More Detail

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30 Day Home Workout Challenge - Home Workout Challeng
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