Turbocharges your innovation success rate immediately - Improvides

Turbocharges your innovation success rate immediately - Improvides
Innovation is turning an idea into something which is valuable to a customer. It is fundamental to business growth, and seen as the most important competency by virtually all global CEOs. Yet many companies both large and small are struggling to produce innovative solutions which actually deliver results. Where most companies fail though to produce successful innovations, it is because they don’t have the following innovation capabilities throughout their business

The training course is hosted on uDemy, the world’s largest online-training platform with over 2 million students. I chose this platform because it gives you, the learner, the best possible experience. As well as access to all of the streaming video-based lessons, the course also contains several quizzes to test the knowledge and skills you’re gaining, as well as discussion features where you can raise questions for me to answer (I try to answer as many as possible). Additionally, you can pace your own learning, accessing individual lessons whenever is convenient for you, on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Just an open mind and a real desire to improve your innovation capability. If you think that innovation is more “fun” than “fundamental”, then chances are you’re going to continue making them same mistakes you always have done.

If you start this course at lunchtime, you could have already improved your innovation capabilities by the end of the day.

If you think innovation isn’t vital for your company, then you’re just waiting for a competitor or an upstart to come along and change your mind for you. If you’re serious about growing your business, no matter what...Read More Detail

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Turbocharges your innovation success rate immediately - Improvides
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