Finding More Time

Finding More Time
“Now you can have more time with your family, with your friends, with your hobbies, for play, for achievement, for simply enjoying your life!  501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME For the Things You Love by Maria Gracia

What Customers Are Saying About Maria’s 501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME “Maria, thank you for this treasure. For years, I've been struggling with a jam-packed schedule, no time for myself or my family and a no-end-in- sight outlook on my To Do list. “Since reading your book I can not believe how much more time I have every day for the things I really want to do.

I love it!” -- Nicky Carter Evadale, Texas “After reading '500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love' I've discovered so many areas in my life where I've been wasting my time. As I read this book, I found myself nodding in agreement.

Page after page contained easy things I could start doing to save myself precious time each day. I've already applied dozens of the tips-- and I only finished reading the book at few days ago.” -- Rhonda Evans Macksburg, Ohio “Maria's book has helped me make my 'hectic, non- stop' schedule a thing of the past. I'm actually doing things I enjoy and spending quality time with my family! If you want to be in control of your time, I highly recommend this book.” -- Gerard Michaels, San Diego, California “Once again, Maria has written a true gem. '500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time' is the perfect addition to the other Get Organized Now! reads. I've found it so easy to apply these time tips to my life. If you need more time...Read More Detail

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Finding More Time
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