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Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You review

Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You review
Posted By : Margaret Garland
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Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You review
Are you feeling confused and baffled by male behavior?  Wish you could capture the undying devotion of a special man– your knight in shining armor?  If so, take a lesson from the rose blossom:What if you could have the profound effects on a man that a single, long-stemmed red rose does on the heart and passions of humanity?  What if you could emit the qualities of a red rose and become so fiercely captivating, enticing, electric and ALIVE with sexuality, sensuality and limitless intrigue, no man would ever bore of your ever-blooming essence?This image may seem like some romanticized daydream; however, there are thousands, millions of women around the globe who have such power over men.Maybe you know some women like this?  They are not the most gorgeous dames with the most brilliant minds.  They are not saints or sweetie-pies or even particularly awesome in any way.What are the secrets that these women know that have allowed them to be so magnetic to men?  Are they even aware of this feminine power they possess?  Is this man-magnet power something ANY woman can learn?If you have ever invested time, energy and deep emotion into a relationship with a man who wouldn’t step up, man-up and give you his commitment, I know exactly how you feel (you can read my story if you scroll down). I was once, for a long time, like a butterfly net with a huge tear in it; I was lost as to how to hook a man’s interest and keep him involved.  But out of a desperate need to be loved by the man who had my heart, I discovered how to be like a red rose and unleash my inner enchantress.Some women are simply modern-day enchantresses. These women know how to make men act chivalrous and can coax even the most emotionally unavailable men to drop their “man armor” to the floor and simply, beautifully surrender their hearts to the women they love.They were not sorcerers, but mere mortals who studied hard to learn how to harness their human abilities to cast spells over the hearts of brave warriors.  They used human powers to hypnotize knights forever.What we can learn from these fictious goddesses is that any woman can be an enchantress; any woman can inspire a man to be her knight in shining armor.  Right now there is a woman resting dormant inside you who has been waiting, like sleeping beauty on her bed of thorns, your whole life long. She’s been there inside you during all your embarrassing and painful moments with men: moments of shame and weakness, defeat and resentment…  She has been there during the times in your relationship where you felt unheard, unseen, rejected, betrayed, misunderstood and simply “not enough”. I know, without a doubt, she lives inside you, because if I found her inside me, you can, too.  I have worked with many women and I have yet to have spoken to a woman who didn’t have it in her to enchant men.  You only need to learn how to enter through the gates of your inner enchantress’s imprisoning castle and awaken her, so that you can never again feel alone in love and powerless to men.Modern society has filled our ears with junk about what it takes to magnetize a man and be his worshiped enchantress.  Here are some of the “advices” floating around that are killing a woman’s chances at love.You and him have so much fun together.  He loves your jokes and the way you tell a story.  You know his family and all his little quirks.  You feel so comfortable around him, and him around you, that it only makes sense that he would want to take things to another level and fall to his feet with love in his heart.Men can’t and don’t say this to themselves and if they try to, they end up unable to continue believing the lie for long.  They are incapable of talking themselves into love– they need passion and they need to feel attracted to you.  Concentrating on being his friend won’t get him there.Sex is 10 minutes out of the relationship.  What about the rest of the day?  This mistake is exactly why the “friends with benefits” concept began.  I guarantee it was men who came up with this type of relationship (it’s more of an arrangement than a relationship) and they did so because they didn’t want to deal with their sexy women “friends” outside of the bedroom.Ever say to yourself, “I’m gonna show this guy how great I am at taking care of him, he’ll never want to leave”, or “I’ll mold myself into a trophy girlfriend and he’ll be unable to find a catch like me anywhere else”?  Well, if so, you were giving yourself some useless advice.Don’t get me wrong, men love to be catered to and cooked for and they adore the idea of a girlfriend with the perfect body and fancy diploma, but do you know how many men cheat on their nice, smart, sexy wives with women who are HALF the sweethearts and trophies their wives are?  Some of these men leave their families for these women.  Happens all.

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