Garlic Scape Pesto

Sure, you’ve heard of garlic. You may receive got fifty-fifty come upwards across elephant garlic at the store. (It looks simply similar regular garlic, except each head/bulb is virtually 3 times the size of the normal ones you’re used to. You mightiness fifty-fifty say it’s baseball-sized…) But receive got you lot always heard of garlic scapes? Probably not, if you lot store solely at the regular supermarket. But if you lot frequent farmers’ markets or smaller stores that stock local produce, you lot mightiness receive got seen these intriguing things recently. (Depending on where you lot live, of course. Antarctica, non thence much. And if you’re inwards another business office of the southern hemisphere, where it’s wintertime now, non thence much at that spot either.) Up here, inwards the mid-Atlantic/Northeast, they’re unremarkably available before inwards the season, similar May-June, but I stumbled across these (at this place) final calendar week too couldn’t assistance snagging a few. Why? Because they brand some pretty amazing pesto. (And if you lot can’t rails these things downwardly where you lot live, no worries. Next May volition live hither before you lot know it, too you lot tin attempt your manus at this then.)

All trimmed. (If these hold off unlike from 
the ones at left—maybe a piddling darker,
 a piddling fresher, they are! 
The moving-picture present at left is really from 
last year, and I had permit the scapes sit down around
 a piddling too long before doing something 
with ‘em.)
So here’s what they hold off like—sort of curly, black light-green things that grow out of the top of garlic, piece the white bulbs remain underground. Im told that farmers cutting off the scapes inwards guild to permit the institute focus its liberate energy into growing the bulb, rather than sending these scapes upwards to a higher identify the soil.

It’s upwards to you lot whether you lot desire to discard the tops. 
Some people say to role ‘em, but they tin be 
very tough & fibrous, thence the determination is yours.

What do they gustation like? Not surprisingly, they gustation similar garlic, but alongside much less “bite.” (You’ll know what I hateful yesteryear that if you’ve always eaten a slice of raw garlic, straight-up. That sucker stings, no? Well, the scape has a slightly sweeter flavor, alongside no burning sensation.) And simply similar regular white garlic cloves, garlic scapes tin live eaten raw, but I wouldn’t recommend simply chowing downwardly on a bowl total of them. Probably best cutting into real minor pieces too used every bit a garnish, variety of similar chives or scallions. You tin also sure sauté them inwards butter & olive oil, alongside a piddling salt, too receive got a squeamish side dish for grilled meat. Cooking volition mellow the flavor a bit, simply similar alongside regular garlic. (Even improve if you lot too your pregnant other both similar garlic, otherwise you lot mightiness live sleeping lone that night. All the Crest & Colgate inwards the globe aren’t plenty to larn rid of that breath. All you lot tin really do is hold off for it to slivered almonds (raw or toasted), or the most traditional nut/seed for pesto, pine nuts (pignolis). If you’re a pesto purist, you lot tin brand your pesto generally out of basil too add together some garlic scapes to modify things up, or vice-versa—make the scapes your base of operations but add together some basil to give it a piddling to a greater extent than of the classic flavor.

And what mightiness 1 do alongside garlic scape pesto? Well, you lot tin role it similar normal basil pesto:
  • On pasta or staff of life (if you lot swallow those things)
  • A spread to top grilled chicken breasts (or a dip for chicken skewers)
  • If you lot add together extra petroleum too arrive fairly thin/runny, this would live dynamite tossed alongside steamed summertime mash (zucchini, pattypan, and/or yellowish squash)
And what else tin you lot do alongside garlic scapes too pesto? How virtually making a compound butter alongside ‘em? YUM. (Just permit a stick of butter come upwards to room temperature thence it’s squeamish too soft, too add together it to a nutrient processor alongside some cut-up scapes too salt. Instant garlic butter. You tin do the same affair alongside cream cheese, too correct there, you’ve got 2 pretty awesome low-carb condiments. You tin top a steak alongside the butter [I could drool simply thinking virtually this], too if you lot swallow low-carb wraps/tortillas, the cream cheese would live fantastic spread on 1 that you lot thence fill upwards alongside turkey, lettuce, too maybe some julienned light-green bell pepper.)

Before we’re done for the day, let’s verbalize virtually the wellness too nutritional benefits of this yummy creation. Garlic scape pesto is a skillful trial of wellness nutrient that tastes awesome. Make no mistake: simply because something’s skillful for us doesn’t hateful it has to gustation similar cardboard or lawn clippings. This pesto is pretty much a superfood. It delivers delicious flavor AND:
  • Raw garlic: Practically a vitamin. It’s antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, too most of import of all, anti-vampire. (Hat-tip to Liz Wolfe, whom I know would totally be my friend if she knew me inwards existent life. =D) Nifty factoid: inwards price of beingness anti-fungal, I am not kidding when I say an old-school, traditional-type folk remedy for (vaginal) yeast infections is a garlic clove inserted upwards you-know-where. And no, thankfully, I receive got never had a involve to endeavor this myself. I’m simply passing along useful data for the betterment of humanity. (It kinda makes sense, though, doesn’t it? I mean, they had to do something before they invented Monistat, no?)
  • Fresh lemon juice: Lots of neat wellness benefits
  • Extra virgin olive oil: Good root of monounsaturated fats, and, if you lot buy a good one, the polyphenols that also brand olive petroleum thence skillful for us. (Note: if your EVOO burns your pharynx a piddling or is “peppery,” that’s a good thing. That agency all the skillful materials is nevertheless inwards at that spot too hasn’t been processed/refined out. I’m serious. If you lot think you’re getting truly good olive petroleum inwards a plastic jug for $4.99, think again.)
  • Nuts: If you lot pick out to add together walnuts, pino nuts, almonds, or pistachios, you’ll larn a squeamish dose of salubrious fats, too. (And if anyone leaves a snotty comment virtually the amount of omega-6 inwards pine nuts too walnuts, thence assistance me, I volition pack upwards my toys too larn home. [Yes, walnuts receive got some n-3 ALA, but they receive got far to a greater extent than n-6. What’s your point?])
One final thing, regarding storage:
Garlic scape pesto volition final virtually a calendar week inwards the fridge, too at to the lowest degree several months inwards the freezer. One affair to live aware of is that upon long-ish exposure to air, the surface mightiness modify color a bit. It could darken, or perchance fifty-fifty plow brownish—but this does not behave on the flavor. (Think of how avocados too apples sometimes plow a piddling brownish if you lot cutting them way inwards advance of making whatever dish you’re making. Same affair here.) To foreclose this, lay your pesto inwards an airtight container too embrace it (the pesto, non the container) alongside plastic roll or wax paper—put this directly onto the surface of the pesto. (You’re trying to foreclose it from coming inwards contact alongside air, remember? Or, you lot could top it alongside a piddling layer of olive oil, which would attain the same thing.) Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 neat way to proceed this inwards the freezer is to lay it inwards an H2O ice cube tray, thence you lot tin popular out minor amounts every bit needed. (Much harder to embrace well, though, thence the color modify mightiness live a bigger number here. I did this last summer too didn’t really larn some to eating the pesto until the next April, too it was fine. All I did was roll the H2O ice cube tray inwards plastic wrap, too the color was fine, actually.)

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a MD too , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or foreclose whatever medical condition.

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