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Haven’t posted anything since the concluding calendar week of May. Show of hands: who missed me? (*Crickets.* As I suspected…) But simply inwards illustration you lot scream upward I’ve been sitting on my duff doing null inwards my blogging absence, the truth is, I’ve been staring at the wall for hours, pondering my life difficult at travel on a super-special projection I volition say you lot nearly when the fourth dimension is right. (And no, that is non a marketing ploy to teach you lot to purchase something when it debuts, because, frankly, I am a full together with consummate moron when it comes to whoring out selling materials together with making a living at this.) So anyway, it powerfulness survive a picayune flake earlier I hitting my blogging stride again, but for now, I wanted to give you lot a dyad of cheese suggestions, ‘cuz hey, who doesn’t desire to essay some awesome novel cheeses?

I’ve cutting agency dorsum on dairy for a spell now, together with it seems to survive doing skillful things for me. (I all the same eat my butter together with my heavy cream, because, really, you lot create not desire to interact alongside me sans coffee, together with spell I can, on occasion, drinkable it black, I much prefer it alongside cream. So the Paleo constabulary tin simply bite me empathize that I am not, together with never volition survive 100% Paleo, nor create I aspire to be.)

Why am I cutting dorsum on dairy? Why is this cheese, sour cream, yogurt, together with cottage cheese-loving gal eschewing these things these days? Just a picayune experiment. I may or may non survive dealing alongside some excessive estrogen “stuff,” together with I figure it couldn’t wound to eat fewer products that come upward from a lactating mama cow, know what I mean? (But every bit I said, you lot tin pry the butter together with cream from my cold, dead hands.)

But simply because I’m non partaking of my commons amount of dairy at the instant doesn’t hateful I can’t give you a heads upward nearly 2 rattling delicious cheeses I “discovered” a few months ago. And no trip to Switzerland required! (Although that would survive nice. If you lot assist to purchase me a airplane ticket [and set me upward somewhere], I’d survive happy to ship you lot my address offline, hehheh.) All you lot quest is a local Trader Joe’s, which has a pretty awesome cheese selection, most of which is available at a not exorbitant price.

So side yesteryear side fourth dimension you lot notice yourself hankering for a picayune somethin’ somethin’ from the dairy case, cheque out these 2 cheeses. They are both pretty darn yummy. (But create survive careful – both tin too survive form of addictive together with difficult to roll upward together with set dorsum inwards the fridge. The Red Leicester far to a greater extent than than the Pesto Gouda, IMHO.) As always, delight excuse my crap photography skills.

This is ridiculously good. Purchase together with hold alongside caution.
You bring been warned.

Note the basil-y goodness. Gouda cheese? Pesto?
What’s non to love? (Except perhaps the costless umlauts?)
OT: "Gratuitous umlauts" would survive an awesome quest a band.
P.S. I’m non certain where to teach side yesteryear side inwards the fuel partitioning series. Is at that spot anything specific you’re curious about? Something you lot want me to write about? Preferably something that hasn’t already been covered advertizement nauseum on a 1000000 other blogs? I bring a split upward serial on “TOFI” inwards the plant (“thin outside, fatty inside,” a.k.a. “skinny fat” or “normal weight obese”), but I’m hoping to mine for some to a greater extent than gilt inwards fuel metabolism first.

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