Can It Forrad Solar Daytime Giveaway!

Saturday, July fourteen is non exclusively DIY, Canning together with Preserving together with a Home Canning Discovery Kit I received from Ball made me create upward one's heed it was fourth dimension to accept the plunge together with endeavor my mitt at canning.  The kit had a mass on canning, a particular rack together with lifter, unopen to pectin and Ball jars, which y'all tin regain inwards only almost whatsoever hardware store.

Instead of making a big batch, the kit enables y'all to build iii pint jars which was pretty slow to contend together with practiced for a beginner similar me. I made a batch of canned plums that I spiced upward amongst cinnamon chunks, cardamom together with dark pepper. I washed the fruit, boiled my jars for 10 minutes, made a saccharide syrup according the instructions, filled the jars amongst plum halves together with syrup, sealed the jars together with simmered them for xx minutes. It was pretty darn easy, though y'all possess got to endure careful because the combination of boiling H2O together with heavy jars tin endure a chip awkward. 

If I CAN than y'all CAN! If you've ever wanted to endeavor canning, immediately is the perfect time. There volition endure a serial of alive streaming canning demos on Ball jolt brand's site, Fresh Preserving on National Can-It-Forward DayExperts are going to exhibit a mixed berry jam, kosher dill pickles, pepper jelly, fresh tomatoes together with Italian mode pasta sauce then if y'all desire to endeavor i of those recipes y'all tin larn a whole lot of help! 

Thanks to Jarden, maker of Ball together with Kerr canning supplies I am giving away a coupon practiced for i example of canning jars.

 To win:
  1. Leave a comment on this post together with say me what you'd tin amongst a example of jars. 
  2. The competitor volition halt at the determination of Can It Forward Day, at 10 pm PST on Saturday, July 14th, 2012. 
  3. A winner volition endure chosen at random together with volition endure announced on Sunday, July 15, 2012.
  4. Giveaway is opened upward to U.S.A. residents or anyone amongst a U.S.A. mailing address.
  5. One comment per person, please, together with y'all must piece of occupation out your e-mail address inwards the comment to endure considered. 

My thank y'all to Ball for providing me amongst the Home Canning Discovery Kit and for providing a example of jars to i lucky reader.


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Can It Forrad Solar Daytime Giveaway!
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