Del Popolo Pizzeria

Del Popolo might expect similar a pizza truck, but according to the proprietors, it's a mobile pizzeria. At a reported $180,000 to arrive at the thing, I intend they tin dismiss telephone hollo upward it whatsoever they like. It's a refurbished transportation container alongside an actual pizza oven within addition minimal prep infinite for a duet of cooks. 

The carte du jour is brusque in addition to sweet, simply 2 pizzas inwards ane size. There's the classic Margherita, the pizza past times which all pizzas should hold out judged, in addition to when I was at that topographic point a white pizza alongside mozzarella, ricotta, basil in addition to garlic.
Will people stand upward inwards job to purchase a pizza? On the streets of San Francisco? Oh yes, they will!

This is the laid up. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mini kitchen in addition to pizza oven in addition to a window where orders are taken in addition to pizza "delivered." 
They offering simply about wacky sodas including Cheerwine, Manhattan Special and Empire. But beingness parked across the street from a supermarket, at that topographic point was no shortage of choices. 

So how was the pizza? Excellent. There was a overnice char on the crust, but non also much. I'd telephone hollo upward it a Neapolitan mode crust, airy in addition to chewy. The sauce in addition to cheese were flavorful in addition to inwards expert balance. The sauce was rattling fresh  tasting in addition to they didn't skimp on the basil. I'd companionship this pizza again.

The white pizza was a footling to a greater extent than substantial alongside generous dollops of fresh sugariness ricotta in addition to enough of garlic. Not inwards the to the lowest degree greasy, it was rich from the cheese in addition to nonetheless somehow lite at the same time. Recommended.

Where to notice it? It's non on the namesake foursquare inwards Rome, in addition to hence you'll stimulate got to banking concern agree Twitter to notice out...

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Del Popolo Pizzeria
4/ 5

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