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Recall from the first in addition to second posts virtually digestion inwards the tummy that, opposite to the endless flow of commercials for over-the-counter antacids in addition to prescription proton pump inhibitors (acid-suppressing drugs), sufficient tummy acid is a normal, healthy, in addition to absolutely essential business office of practiced digestion.

I mentioned that I would post service a review of the mass Why Stomach Acid is Good for You, but I was belongings off until nosotros had covered plenty of the details that the review would genuinely brand sense. And considering we’re on to talking virtually the little intestine now, I’d tell we’re there.

The review I wrote appeared inwards impress a few months agone inwards Wise Traditions, the quarterly periodical of the Weston A. Price Foundation. It took them a while, merely they’ve lastly gotten some to posting the online version. So instead of me posting it here, if yous desire to banking concern check out the review, hop on over in that place in addition to accept a look. There likely isn’t a whole lot in that place that I didn’t encompass inwards ameliorate exceptional on the blog, merely if there’s mortal inwards your life who’s popping antacids similar they’re candy in addition to can’t sympathise why: 1) they’re even in addition to then getting heartburn all the time, 2) they get got a bunch of other wellness issues equally good (but get got no thought they powerfulness live connected to low stomach acid), or 3) yous desire them to “get this stuff,” merely they’re non probable to read my entire serial on digestion, delight transportation them this link. There’s a ameliorate endangerment they’d live willing to read 1 mass review than 8 or nine dissimilar posts.

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DFNSD: Book Review
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