Digestion for (not-so) Dummies: The Stomach, Pt.2

MOAR acid!
Since together with so much tin make inwards the stomach—or not happen, equally we’re starting to see—our digestive develop is all the same sitting hither at the nice, cozy breadbasket station. The café at the minor intestine station is waiting for us amongst hot java together with fresh-baked cookies, but we’ve got work concern to complete hither first. In the previous post, nosotros uncovered the surprising truth that acid reflux/heartburn is commonly the termination of besides little stomach acid, rather than besides much. I left off proverb that inwards this side yesteryear side part, nosotros would beak close ways to naturally growth breadbasket acid. And nosotros will. But first, let’s await at some other, to a greater extent than serious consequences of insufficient breadbasket acid, because after that, we’ll all endure inwards understanding that nosotros are not kidding around close this, together with nosotros genuinely do desire to brand sure enough nosotros receive got strong breadbasket acid, together with lots of it. (To quote the stupendous Dave Barry, “I am non making this up.”)

Is it whatsoever wonder nosotros don’t experience well 
after we hurry through a meal?
First, let’s larn our parameters straight. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 repast hither together with at that spot when you’re hurried together with stressed out isn’t going to wound you. It mightiness brand you lot uncomfortable for a span of hours, but it’s non going to do whatsoever long-term damage. The affair is, inwards our modern, go-go-go world, amongst ever-increasing demands on our fourth dimension together with attention, at that spot are people who pass YEARS inwards sympathetic nervous organization dominance. (With fight-or-flight ruling their lives, instead of rest-and-digest.) There are people who accept prescription acid blockers for years, sometimes decades. And at that spot are people who, yesteryear nature or nurture, eat extremely fast, barely chew, together with launder their nutrient downwards amongst gigantic gulps of water, soda, iced tea, or some other ice-cold beverage. Holy bad digestive juju, Batman!

So far, we’ve covered a lot of Earth for how to do good digestive juju. In part 1,we talked close the role of the encephalon inwards digestion, together with the importance of slowing downwards together with beingness calm at mealtimes. In part 2 nosotros discussed the oral cavity together with all the practiced things that come upward from chewing thoroughly. In part 3, nosotros dropped the truth bomb close breadbasket acid. In this installment, we’ll larn to ways to naturally growth breadbasket acid production, because it’s pretty much the unmarried best affair you lot tin do to ensure shine digestion along the entire repose of your GI tract.

Before nosotros larn there, let’s accept a brief but of import detour to the effects of depression breadbasket acid beyond a petty indigestion. Gas, bloating, reflux, together with full general discomfort are bad enough. But what close anemia, osteoporosis, poor immune function, depression, anxiety, infertility, together with retentivity loss? These are solely a few of the potential outcomes of long-term breadbasket acid insufficiency. They’re peculiarly insidious because they don’t make overnight. If you lot eat peanuts, say, together with larn into anaphylactic stupor right afterward, you lot tin easily together with logically connect Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 to B. But these other weather condition tin accept a long fourth dimension to develop, together with so it’s harder to connect the dietary together with digestive dots. As the authors of Why Stomach Acid is Good for You explain:

“Many of the adverse effects associated amongst long-term suppression of breadbasket acid may accept years or fifty-fifty decades to develop. At the same time, clinical trials of most drugs, which mightiness bring out these problems, mostly concluding solely a few months. Regrettably, many of the potential accompaniments of long-term acid suppression, including asthma, allergies, peel disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal infection, depression, together with many, many others, tin accept [a really long time] to develop. They would seem to receive got zippo to do amongst breadbasket acid and, therefore, would rarely, if ever, endure reported.”

So piece it mightiness endure hard to connect the dots, it’s piece of cake to explicate things. And piece the weather condition listed higher upward mightiness seem to receive got zippo to do amongst breadbasket acid, they most definitely are connected. (Just similar saturated obese might seem to endure harmful for health, equally we've been led to believe for the yesteryear sixty-plus years, but only because something seems true doesn't hateful it is. Hehheh. You know me...I couldn't resist an chance to exceed along yet to a greater extent than information on the vindication of yummy, delicious, HEART HEALTHY saturated fat. *Just 1 regime annotation close that offset link--the author's listing of saturated obese sources at the halt of the article contains a span of foods that are genuinely higher in monounsaturated fat than saturated. Other than that, it's cool.) 

See, some nutrients—especially sure enough minerals—are absorbed best inwards an acidic environment. They necessitate to endure “liberated” from the foods they’re jump to inwards club for us to larn at them, together with acid is what does the liberating. Calcium, for example, requires acid to endure separated from the nutrient it’s inwards together with absorbed yesteryear the body. (This is how chronic, long-term depression breadbasket acid tin Pb to osteoporosis.) Same amongst Fe (anemia, anyone?), folate, zinc, together with B6. So you lot tin come across how long-term depression breadbasket acid—whether due to natural reasons or acid-suppressing drugs—can Pb to some pretty serious conditions.

Osteoporotic or anemic? We should evaluate our digestive share earlier nosotros start popping 
calcium together with Fe supplements. Maybe we do necessitate to a greater extent than of those minerals, 
but perchance what nosotros necessitate fifty-fifty to a greater extent than is stronger breadbasket acid!

On a unlike but related note, there’s a severe shape of anemia, called pernicious anemia, together with it’s unrelated to Fe absorption. It’s a B12 deficiency, together with it is serious, serious business. In add-on to breadbasket acid, specialized cells inwards the breadbasket secrete something called intrinsic factor. We necessitate both intrinsic element and good breadbasket acid to absorb B12. Our bodies shop B12 for a while, together with so it takes a long fourth dimension earlier our stockpile runs out together with nosotros start noticing deficiency symptoms. But deficiency symptoms are many, together with they’re oftentimes misdiagnosed—sometimes amongst catastrophic consequences for character of life, non to get upward medical expenses. B12 deficiency is a big, large deal

Is it Alzheimer’s, or acid?
B12 deficiency is mutual inwards older folks. One argue why is because breadbasket acid production naturally decreases equally nosotros age. Plus, older people are less probable to swallow B12-rich foods, similar red meat, since they’re typically to a greater extent than complicated to prepare than foods that incorporate no natural B12, similar boiling pasta for dinner, or having a pastry for breakfast instead of eggs together with sausage. (Show me an 80-year former living lonely who’s going to larn to the bother of grilling a steak for dinner instead of having macaroni, or fifty-fifty a bagel!)  And the existent kicker hither is that one of the most insidious signs of B12 deficiency is retentivity loss. So, how many elderly people receive got the misfortune to walk out of the doctor’s business office amongst a (MIS)diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease—which, inwards our electrical current medical environs basically amounts to a decease judgement because at that spot is no effective treatment—rather than the unproblematic advice to accept a practiced character B12 supplement and/or piece of work on increasing their breadbasket acid production together with eating to a greater extent than B12-rich foods? Alzheimer’s isn’t the solely affair B12 deficiency gets false for. Other weather condition that mightiness do goodness from B12 supplementation (or only ameliorate digestion!) are fatigue, asthma, pump disease, together with depression.

Let’s accept a quick await at that concluding one—depression. Have you lot e'er heard of serotonin? It’s the “feel good” neurotransmitter many doctors recall is lacking inwards depression. (Research seems to request that people who larn the wintertime blues [aka “seasonal affective disorder”] are depression inwards serotonin, inwards add-on to the obvious vitamin D they’re non getting from sunshine that fourth dimension of year.) Well, neurotransmitters are chemic messengers that larn made inwards diverse organs together with glands together with go to the brain, where they influence mood together with behavior: feeling happy, calming down, amping up, feeling groovy, etc. Some neurotransmitters pump us up, others calm us down. Some assist us bargain amongst stress together with hard situations. Having the right residue of neurotransmitters allows appropriate seem of emotions together with so that nosotros tin brand our means through the Earth effectively together with non endure terrified to walk out the forepart door together with interact amongst whatever mightiness endure on the other side. They assist proceed us from turning into simpering messes when—shockingly—not every unmarried affair inwards life goes our way.

Okay, great. What does whatsoever of that receive got to do amongst digestion? Simple. Neurotransmitters are made from amino acids—the unmarried edifice blocks that string together to brand proteins. Ah! Now we’re getting somewhere. If you’ve got insufficient breadbasket acid, you lot won’t digest your proteins properly. Poor poly peptide digestion --> insufficient amino acids available to brand serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, together with all those other cool neurotransmitters. You tin follow this same develop of idea together with larn inwards at why poor poly peptide breakdown could potentially convey on anxiety, panic attacks, together with other effects on mood stability. (These are also probable linked to saccharide intolerance together with having a lifetime costless exceed to ride the blood refined saccharify rollercoaster, but let’s address 1 theme at a time, shall we?)

Depressed? Anxious? Excessively worried? Yes, some of it’s inwards your mind, but a lot of it is in 
your digestive tract, too! And the practiced intelligence is, the GI side of things is piece of cake to fix!
How close poor immune function? Again, easy-peasy to connect the dots. Antibodies (the things that recognize together with assault invading pathogens) are made from—you guessed it—protein. We already know close poor poly peptide digestion, but don’t forget zinc. Zinc is fairly good recognized equally supporting the immune system, together with nosotros necessitate practiced breadbasket acid to release zinc from our food. Ineffective poly peptide digestion + depression zinc levels = you lot catching every petty põrnikas that goes around. Might desire to purchase stock inwards Kleenex together with Ny-Quil if you lot endure from chronic indigestion.

As you lot tin see, the listing of weather condition stemming from long-term disruption of practiced digestion ranges from the mildly annoying (bloating, gas) to the downright debilitating (depression, osteoporosis). And they don’t halt there. Infertility is some other biggie, but the most probable culprit at that spot is fatty acid deficiency (i.e. women on long-term low-fat together with low-calorie diets), together with so we’ll tabular array that give-and-take until nosotros larn to obese digestion. For now, I tin tell you lot that for couples having problem conceiving due to male infertility, zinc deficiency inwards the homo should endure looked into. Zinc is crucial for salubrious sperm production. (Fun factoid close severe zinc deficiency: You start to lose your sense of taste. So unless you’re a long-time smoker or receive got a bad cold, if your nutrient doesn’t seem equally flavorful equally it used to, you lot mightiness necessitate some Zn.)

Wow. That “brief detour” was longer than I planned. (Show of hands: who’s surprised?) I estimate I’ll devote a divide post service to increasing breadbasket acid naturally. But I’m pretty sure enough nosotros tin concord forthwith that nosotros want to do that. Low breadbasket acid is no joke, together with popping antacids similar they’re candy shouldn’t endure our go-to strategy for indigestion, because it does zippo to right the underlying cause.

Next time, we’ll await at a few things that will correct the underlying crusade together with proceed our digestive develop rolling smoothly on downwards the track. (Or should I state tract, equally inwards GI tract?)

In the meantime, for to a greater extent than information on what nosotros talked close this week, cheque out this post service yesteryear a registered nurse on PrimalDocs: The Truth About Stomach Acid: Why depression breadbasket acid is jeopardizing your health.

And here's a chip to a greater extent than on only how many unlike trunk systems & wellness issues are related to B12. I'm telling you, overt together with sub-clinical B12 insufficiencies are rampant these days.

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a physician together with , LLC, is non a medical practice. The information contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or foreclose whatsoever medical condition.
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