Fat Tuesday: More Saturated Fat Vindication Fun!

Hey Everyone! After my final post was to a greater extent than oftentimes than non a linkfest, I’m hesitant to create something similar correct away, but I found something the other solar daytime that I think is worth passing along. If you’ve been next me for whatsoever length of fourth dimension (and I know at that spot are at to the lowest degree ii of y'all out at that spot who have, hehheh), too hence it won’t surprise y'all when I tell that a meaning amount of the dietary too nutritional advice we’ve been given yesteryear the mainstream medical institution (not to refer the supermarket tabloids, but I’m pretty sure all of us set to a greater extent than stock inwards the quondam than the latter) for the final 60 years is wrong. Not precisely misguided, or a niggling off the mark, but straight-up, flat-out wrong. Now, it’s bad plenty when, say, your mechanic gets something wrong. Maybe the tires larn misaligned precisely a flake too your machine pulls to the left or right. Or he thinks he’s fixed the problem, but that pesky banking concern jibe engine low-cal comes dorsum on the side yesteryear side day. But when doctors, nurses, dietitians, too nutritionists larn it wrong, people die. Maybe non correct away, but sure as shooting over time. Remember: precisely because something doesn’t kill y'all right away doesn’t hateful it isn’t poisonous. (Lead, anyone? Arsenic? Too much sugar? Too much soybean oil? Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself...)

So imagine how overnice it was to stumble upon the niggling morsel I’ll portion amongst y'all today. I don't desire to outsource my spider web log yesteryear deferring to the writing of others likewise often, but sometimes I come upwardly across a nutritionist who thinks she knows a matter or ii nearly how foods deport on the human body.

Dr. Lundell is clearly “in my camp.” That is, the campsite that realizes saturated fatty is non harmful for health, too that too many omega-6 polyunsaturated fats are. Also likewise much sugar, but I haven’t talked nearly that all that much (yet). So yes: the advice we’ve received from all the “experts” for over a half-century to cutting dorsum on saturated fats (especially from animals), swallow polyunsaturated oils (mostly from plants), too literally base of operations the foundation of our diets on carbohydrates (remember the pyramid?) has landed us smack-dab inwards the heart too individual of the multiple wellness crises nosotros at nowadays face. (Hmm…now that I think of it, possibly they were precisely trying to ensure chore security. Well played, American Heart Association too American Diabetes Association, good played! You bring succeeded beyond your wildest imaginings.) 

Aaaanyway, every bit you’ll encounter below, Dr. Lundell pulls no punches inwards calling out the mainstream medical institution on its epic failure to contrary the epidemics of catch disease, obesity, Alzheimer's, too diabetes. In fact, he pretty much places the blame foursquare inwards their faces. Not alone bring they failed to contrary these trends, but they probable caused them inwards the rootage place.

You tin read the whole matter Cholesterol too Health, yesteryear Chris Masterjohn, PhD. (This guy KNOWS his lipids!)

Confused nearly which fats are best to ready with? And which are best used cold, similar for salad dressings? See this.

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., is non a physician too , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or forbid whatsoever medical condition.

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Fat Tuesday: More Saturated Fat Vindication Fun!
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