Kitchen Knives & Chopper Chef Knife Giveaway

To develop y'all postulate a knife. It's equally unproblematic equally that. You tin give notice "cook" raw nutrient without a stove, perhaps fifty-fifty deal a repast without running water, but cooking mostly requires trimming, cutting, chopping, paring, slicing together with dicing. The knife or knives y'all select are upwardly to you. Some prefer smaller knives, others similar large knives. I've industrial plant life that no affair how many knives y'all own, y'all probable volition gravitate towards 1 or two. 

What knives produce y'all need? 
If y'all had to trammel yourself to the bare minimum, I'd nation y'all should get got a small-scale paring knife, a large chefs knife together with a serrated knife. The paring knife is ideal for trimming, peeling together with small-scale jobs inwards general, the chefs knife for simply virtually everything else except slicing breadstuff together with tomatoes, which is why y'all postulate a serrated knife. After that it's actually upwardly to you. Which knives y'all choose, the agency together with size, are a completely personal decision, but I would recommend finding something y'all are comfortable using together with that is the best lineament y'all tin give notice afford. 

Choosing a knife
I get got a few ceramic knives I relish using, but they are really frail together with tin give notice easily intermission together with chip. Most knives are made from steel. But at that topographic point are lots of dissimilar kinds of steel. Stainless steel knives are fairly cheap but don't retain a sudden border for really long. Carbon steel does remain sudden longer, but is prone to darkening together with requires proper help or it volition rust. High carbon stainless steel pretty much offers the best of both worlds. I get got Japanese together with German linguistic communication knives. Both are good, none are perfect, together with it's prissy to get got a diversity of each. 

Chopper Chef knife review
Recently acre my knives were beingness sharpened at Bernal Cutlery, a store that specializes inwards sharpening using a Japanese whetstone, I had the pleasance of using an American made knife from New West KnifeWorks. I already get got 2 of their steak knives together with I actually relish using them. The knife I received was their Chopper Chef Knife, which is similar to a santoku knife inwards shape. It's smaller than I typically prefer, but has prissy heft, relaxation together with an ergonomic handle. The cutting border of the blade is really large. It's besides gorgeous, thank y'all to the fusion woods handle. If y'all had to select simply 1 knife, this is a really skilful choice, small-scale plenty to handgrip paring together with trimming jobs together with heavy together with long plenty to chop your agency through a large onion or fifty-fifty to butcher a chicken or chop meat for stew. 

Thanks to New West Knife Works I am giving away a Chopper Chef Knife (retail value $119) to 1 lucky reader! 

To win:

1. Leave a comment on this post together with tell me which knife y'all purpose the most, or your favorite knife
2. The competitor volition halt at ten pm PST on Sunday, July 29, 2012. 
3. A winner volition move chosen at random together with volition move announced on Monday, July 30, 2012.
4. Giveaway is opened upwardly to U.S. of America residents or anyone alongside a U.S. of America mailing address.
5. One comment per person, please, together with y'all must include your e-mail address to win (in the registration is fine, y'all don't postulate to move out it inwards the trunk of the comment). 

New West Knife Works is besides belongings a competitor of their ain together with giving away an entire knife block. Head over to their Facebook page to enter.

Disclaimer: I was given a knife to review by New West KnifeWorks and they are besides providing the prize inwards this giveaway


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Kitchen Knives & Chopper Chef Knife Giveaway
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