Label Madness Monday: Funky Hash (No, non *that* hash!)

In the words of The Bangles, “It’s but some other manic Monday.” So hither nosotros are, some other week, as well as some other label. Considering that 1 of my recent posts (about the large intestine) was longer than a weblog postal service has whatever correct to be, I’ll come about this 1 sort of short. What are nosotros serving upward today? That breakfast staple, that consummate meal-in-one, that mix of protein, fat, as well as refined saccharify that whatever brusk lodge ready worth his tabular array salt could ready inward his sleep: roast beef hash!

This 1 was interesting to me because I’ve eaten something quite similar at operate on occasion. My non-nutrition “other” work, that is—the 1 that takes house at that funky five-sided edifice inward Arlington, Virginia. (Yeah, that’s right. Five sides. That makes it a pentagon, for those of yous who flunked 4th degree geometry.) I’d country nine days out of ten, I guide my ain breakfast as well as lunch. Once inward a while, though, whether I’m pressed for fourth dimension or but non inward the mood to gear upward something to guide amongst me, I halt upward buying breakfast. All things considered, I’m pretty lucky. There are a ton of unlike nutrient options within said five-sided building, ranging from McDonald’s (where I’m land not going) to made-to-order omelets amongst fresh vegetables, meats, as well as cheese. For issues of fourth dimension as well as budget, I unremarkably stick to the cafeteria-style, serve yourself buffet they’ve got going on. 

They issue a pretty overnice spread for breakfast. Of course, beingness on the low-carb side as well as near 85% Paleo, most of the offerings are off-limits. (Think pancakes, grits, biscuits, as well as French toast sticks.) But they possess got a few trays of to a greater extent than suitable options, similar sausages, scrambled eggs, as well as ham slices. (I suspect the eggs are reconstituted from dried, powdered eggs. This makes me a niggling squeamish, but I possess got to admit, I do swallow them straightaway as well as then. I know oxidized cholesterol is pretty horrible, but I’m non certain if consuming it pre-formed has the same wellness effects every bit when our ain endogenous cholesterol is oxidized within us. Either way, given a alternative betwixt the difficult boiled eggs on offering as well as the questionable powdered eggs, I’ll travel honest amongst ya: I alive on the border as well as pick out the dodgy stuff. They but suck all life out of the difficult boiled, is all. Dry every bit a bone. The whites could double every bit shoe insoles as well as the yolks could overstep for beach sand. Its culinary murder, I tell ya. Anthony Bourdain as well as Eric Ripert would possess got some alternative words for those cooks, Im sure. But I digress...)

One affair that looks fairly benign is the corned beef hash. Or possibly it’s roast beef. I’m non sure. All I know is, it’s pretty much but tiny cubes of beef amongst potatoes (rehydrated), possibly some tabular array salt as well as pepper. And it’s pretty yummy. Unfortunately, every bit seems to travel the illustration amongst anything we don’t gear upward inward our ain kitchens these days, it was likewise expert to travel true. I’m non certain of the exact ingredients inward the beef hash at work, but it looks pretty much the same every bit the pic on the tin forcefulness out here:

And the argue this worries me is because I tin forcefulness out entirely assume the ingredients are similar every bit well. So let’s possess got a await at those ingredients, shall we?

Do I fifty-fifty possess got to country it? You already know what I’m thinking. Now, I realize that these extremely funky as well as questionable ingredients brand upward “2% or less” of the contents of this can, but therefore what? Why do they brand upward any percentage? Why are at that spot corn, soy, as well as wheat proteins inward roast beef hash at all, for crying out loud? And of course, that 2% or less does not include the soy flour listed every bit the quaternary ingredient. OY VEY.

As always, folks, this but goes to demo that what nosotros run across oft isn’t what nosotros get. We involve to read labels on everything, fifty-fifty seemingly straightforward things similar this. Like Ive said before, nothing is sacred. Shop as well as swallow at your ain risk.

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Label Madness Monday: Funky Hash (No, non *that* hash!)
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