Label Madness Monday: Size Matters!

Today’s nutrient label smackdown is a fleck of a divergence from how we’ve done things inward the past. In previous posts inward this series, we’ve looked at the ingredients and/or wellness claims on nutrient packages. Today, however, nosotros don’t fifty-fifty receive got to larn that far. Instead of looking at what is inward these foods, we’ll last looking at how much of it there is. Why? Well, y'all mightiness non last aware of this, but over the concluding few years, the products inward our supermarkets receive got experienced around serious shrinkage.

Any Seinfeld fan tin tell y'all that shrinkage is a large deal. When it comes to sitcoms, shrinkage is funny. But when it comes to our nutrient purchases, it is no laughing matter. If y'all weren’t a Seinfeld fan together with receive got no sentiment what I’m talking nearly when I tell “shrinkage,” cheque out the link. (I was a large fan. As a New York Jew, I recall its inward my blood. [I alive inward Virginia now, but I was born together with raised inward the Big Apple.] I’m pretty certain it’s encoded inward my DNA. Right on chromosome 18, wedged betwixt the cistron for bagels & lox together with the i for guilt. And, of course, every bit good the Jewish New Yorker thing, Seinfeld stole my ticker alongside his love for Superman.)

Okay, dorsum to the argue we’re hither today. If y'all are the principal grocery shopper for yourself or your family, it’s no hole-and-corner to y'all that nutrient prices receive got gone upwards a bunch. And that wouldn’t last together with thus bad if nosotros were paying to a greater extent than coin for the same amount of product. But we’re not. In many cases, we’re paying to a greater extent than for less. Let’s await at around examples.

First up: canned tuna. I swallow a lot of canned fish, together with thus I’m pretty savvy when it comes to what they’re upwards to inward canned tuna, sardines, mackerel, etc. When I entered the grown-up basis together with started purchasing my ain food, a criterion tin of tuna was vi ounces. (You could respect larger ones, but the regular ol’ “typical” tin was vi ounces.) These days, a quick survey of your local supermarket shelves volition demo y'all that this criterion tin is directly v ounces—and inward around cases fifty-fifty smaller than that!  (Some of the “big box” warehouse stores sell 7oz cans, but inward your run-of-the-mill grocery store, they’re almost all 5.)

See? Just v ounces.

And this one’s solely 4.5!
Next inward line: yogurt. When I was a kid, a criterion loving cup of yogurt was 8 ounces. Now, most of them are 6, together with around are smaller. (Obviously at that spot are larger ones available, similar the 32oz containers, but simply similar alongside the tuna, I’m talking nearly the typical size sold.) (Note: I justice I shouldn’t fifty-fifty telephone phone it “a cup” of yogurt, considering a loving cup every bit measured inward the U.S. is 8 ounces. But that’s fluid ounces, together with I recall the yogurt mightiness last sold past times weight. Either way, it’s smaller than it used to be!) Some brands even receive got the nervus to come upwards inward a iv ounce size. Wow! Four whole ounces of yogurt! No wonder you're reaching for a snack one-half an hr later.

Just vi ounces. I’m non making this up!

This construct is solely 5.3 ounces! For shame!

And concluding i for the day: H2O ice cream. We’ve got 2 versions to await at: pints together with one-half gallons. Or, rather, pints together with not one-half gallons. Let’s commencement alongside the larger one. Years ago, the typical carton of H2O ice cream you’d purchase at the store was a one-half gallon. That agency 2 quarts, because at that spot are iv quarts inward a gallon. (Why i time to a greater extent than doesn’t the U.S. purpose the metric system? Oh well.) But cheque out the size of these cartons: 1.5 quarts. They’re shorting us a one-half quart (a.k.a. a total pint) together with receive got the nervus to accuse us more! And every bit y'all tin see, it’s non simply i manufacturer who’s doing this. It’s every bit if all the nutrient producers got together together with colluded behind the scenes to retool the criterion sizes together with give us less spell bespeak us to pay more. The same is truthful for tuna together with yogurt; I solely showed a few examples, but accept a await adjacent fourth dimension you're at the store -- almost all brands are the smaller size.)

Whee! Look at me, I’m non a one-half gallon similar I used to be!

Neither am I! 
(Also: Note that this is non fifty-fifty labeled every bit "ice cream," but rather, 
"frozen dairy dessert." More on this distinction inward adjacent week's label post. 
Sneak peek: if it's called "frozen dairy dessert," that agency it's not ice cream!)

Did y'all desire a one-half gallon similar y'all used to last able to get? Sorry, non here!
Let’s terminate alongside the pint. This i gets interesting because there’s i construct out at that spot that’s going against the grain together with sticking (for now, at least) alongside the master copy size. Pints of H2O ice cream used to last simply that—pints. A pint, inward illustration y'all didn’t know, is xvi ounces. Nowadays, though, when y'all think you’re getting a pint of H2O ice cream (as in, “Oh, God, I can’t believe I simply ate that whole pint all past times myself inward i sitting…”), you’re genuinely solely getting xiv ounces. (Yay! Two fewer ounces to vanquish yourself upwards over. So if y'all were planning to wallow inward self-pity for an hour, y'all tin halt after 52.5 minutes. Sweet!)  Yes, it’s true. Most H2O ice cream producers directly sell their goods inward a xiv ounce container, together with thus halt referring to them every bit “pints” inward your mind.  

“Honey, delight selection upwards a pint—I mean, 14 ounces—of H2O ice cream on the way home!”

To give credit where credit is due, I receive got to highlight i fellowship that soundless offers their H2O ice cream inward the total xvi ounces nosotros know together with love.

Ben & Jerry’s. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fellowship started past times two New York Jews. Coincidence? I recall not. And since we've come upwards total circle, I'll terminate it hither for today. Remember: Size matters!

Have you noticed whatever shrinkage at the store? Tell me inward the comments!

P.S. Apologies to my manly individual readers (both of you). Size solely matters when it comes to H2O ice cream. Anywhere else, you’re fine.
P.P.S. I’m non the solely i who’s noticed this problem. Check out this guy’s weblog post for a super-funny accept on the matter, specifically every bit it relates to H2O ice cream. (Steer clear if you’re sensitive to foul language.) There’s also this one, which is rubber for all ears/eyes.

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a medico together with , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or foreclose whatever medical condition.

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Label Madness Monday: Size Matters!
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