Label Madness Monday

Man, those flying suits were comfy! 
How many people teach to travel inward pajamas?
It’s Mon again, folks, too yous know what that means! Another await at the weird, wacky, too wild things they’re putting into our foods. But today isn’t only whatever Monday. It’s Veteran’s Day, hence earlier nosotros teach to beingness label peeping Toms, I’d similar to offering a sincere too heartfelt thank you to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, too Marines, too their families. Whether you’re a veteran or currently inward service, delight know that I value too abide by what yous do, too am grateful to yous for doing it. You brand me proud—and experience safe—to survive an American. Technically speaking, I am role of your ranks, although I almost blush when I tell so. I served only 4 years, hence inward the grand scheme, non precisely a long too storied country of war machine career. Most of those 4 years were spent inward training. (I was an airborne linguist, too the grooming bike was long plenty to accept upwards most of a typical first-time enlistment.) Nevertheless, camaraderie amidst those inward uniform is a sacred bond, too I experience privileged too honored to cause got worked with the people I did. These days, I travel on upwards with them generally via Facebook (who got married, who has kids now, who’s stationed inward Japan/Germany/North Dakota). It’s difficult to believe that people who, at i time, were my lifeline to sanity, friendship, too the unique agreement that comes solely through shared hardship, are at i time an electronic moving ridge too a nod. I’m resolving today to travel on inward impact to a greater extent than faithfully. Being thrown into stressful situations with consummate strangers too emerging trusted battle buddies on the other side is i of the things I hollo back most fondly virtually the military. (Made-to-order omelets at midnight chow didn’t hurt, either, hehheh.)

I didn’t pass 20+ years inward uniform, but I absolutely don’t regret giving the country of war machine a try. (And thanks for the gratis master’s degree, GI Bill! Really appreciate it!) So, inward the spirit of today beingness special, too despite how much I love—truly love­—writing, I’ve given myself the solar daytime off from searching the supermarket for nutrient labels with freaky ingredients. But that doesn’t hateful we’ll skip our weekly await at how they mess with our nutrient and/or line the wool over our eyes. Fortunately, Dr. Mike Eades (of Protein Power fame) has done the heavy lifting for us this week, too when individual does such an incredible project of it, it would survive giddy for me to reinvent the bike (or weblog post, every bit it were).

Among the ever-lengthening listing of post service ideas growing inward my head, I innovation on roofing what’s known every bit the “health halo” effect. This is where a fellowship (or fifty-fifty a small-scale local producer) slaps a label of “organic,” “all-natural,” or “artisanal” on their production too nosotros teach fooled into thinking it’s improve for us than the mass-produced, conventionally grown, additive-laden version on the shelf side past times side to it, unremarkably at a lower price. Whole stores cause got this effect, too—something I’ve alluded to inward previous posts. (Remember the ones that percentage initials with Thomas Jefferson too Will Ferrell? Those are the ones I’m talking about, but they’re surely non the solely ones out there.)

So now, I’ll travel out it to the skillful Dr. Eades, who did this number improve jurist than I mightiness have:

While you’re there, I recommend clicking on the outset link afterwards the 3rd picture. (The i that starts with “The entire blood volume of an adult…”) And if yous cause got some gratis time, I recommend reading pretty much anything on his blog. Every i time inward a while, he goes on a tear virtually politics too economics, but generally he’s a low-carb/Paleo guy. One who’s a full-on, legitimate medical doctor, who’s non afraid to tell inward no uncertain terms that most of what we’ve been told virtually “healthy diets” is wrong. All of his posts virtually cholesterol, saturated fat, statins, GERD, sugar, too carbohydrates inward full general are worth reading. This human being knows his stuff.

And with that, I bid yous a happy Mon too a solemn Veteran’s Day. To the service members too their families, give thanks you. Godspeed. And stay safe, wherever yous are.

You cause got the con.
Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a physician too , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or foreclose whatever medical condition.

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Label Madness Monday
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