Label Madness Monday

Hard to believe it’s Mon again. Back when I was inward basic preparation for the U.S. Air Force (approximately a zillion years ago), nosotros had a proverb that went, “The days crawl past times but the weeks fly.” I could nation the same virtually not beingness inward basic training, because despite the fact that fourth dimension seems to come upwards to a damn close standstill piece I’m at my non-nutrition solar daytime chore as well as I hold off piece each infinitesimal passes excruciatingly slowly, hither nosotros are again, drawing a slash through some other Mon on the calendar. (Remember that, dorsum when nosotros all used newspaper calendars? If you lot own got no see what I’m talking virtually because the solely way you’ve ever kept rail of the passing of fourth dimension is amongst some handheld electronic doohickey or other, become inquire your mom or dad what it was similar when nosotros had calendars on paperIf you're feeling really curious, inquire them virtually the beginning of the phrase “dial the phone,” hehheh)   

It’s difficult to believe, but indeed, a calendar week has passed since our last expect at nutrient labels to encounter what’s lurking inward our foods. In illustration you lot missed the commencement one, you lot tin banking concern fit it out here. Today’s contestants aren’t too out there, but I think they’re yet chuckle worthy. They’re both ketchup, and, believe it or not, my comments own got zip to attain amongst the high fructose corn syrup. After all, that’s non a surprise. We all already knew it was inward there. (In add-on to regular corn syrup, of course. I guess i wasn’t enough.)

First up:

Heinz Reduced Sugar ketchup. Check it out:

Maybe this reminds you lot of the commencement postal service inward this series. Y’know, the i where I pointed out that Del Monte’s “no saccharide added” canned fruit wasn’t unsweetened; it precisely wasn’t sweetened amongst sugar. Well, Heinz is upwards to the same antics. Their reduced saccharide ketchup isn’t reduced inward sweetness. They only swapped out saccharide for sucralose (which you lot in all probability know most ordinarily every bit Splenda, but that’s precisely i construct bespeak it). It’s funny, ‘cuz I own got a homemade ketchup recipe that requires no sweetening at all. (I’ll postal service it some other time. It’s completely dissimilar from the ones I posted when I was super-new to blogging. I’ve been tinkering a lot since as well as then as well as own got hitting upon i I actually like. The texture as well as flavour are both ameliorate than the recipes I tested inward that other post.)

Before nosotros become whatever further, I must confess that I am non past times whatever agency ragging on Heinz. I went to college inward Pittsburgh as well as lived at that topographic point for a piddling piece afterward. It’s the abode of Heinz headquarters and, ketchup fiend that I am, Heinz as well as I own got a real long, real loving relationship. That beautiful cherry deliciousness graced many a breakfast plate inward my life. (And dejeuner as well as dinner.) And every bit long every bit we’re talking Pittsburgh, it accompanied many a Pamela’s omelet as well as Lyonnaise potatoes, as well as many an O-Fry. And getting dorsum to basic training, I retrieve the commencement solar daytime I had fourth dimension during breakfast to position some ketchup on my eggs. It was glorious. Glorious, I tell you. (Once you lot larn used to inhaling your nutrient whole piece people are yelling at you lot to hurry the hell up, it frees upwards some fourth dimension for condiments. By the fourth dimension I graduated, I’d mastered the fine art of eating rapidly as well as sometimes fifty-fifty managed to chew i time or twice!)

God, I missy the ‘burgh.
Okay, thence this i wasn’t that big a deal, precisely a piddling something worth noting. Before nosotros motion on to the side past times side one, though, did you lot encounter the “GLUTEN-FREE” banking concern annotation on the label? Well give thank you lot goodness for pocket-size favors. Good on ya’, Heinz. You’ve managed to attain ketchup—tomatoes, spices, as well as a sweetening agent—with no gluten. No freaky wheat/rye/barley poly peptide inward this bottle. Just similar I said virtually the mustard inward the first Label Madness Mon installment, why would at that topographic point live whatever GLUTEN inward a bottle of ketchup? Ketchup, for cripes’ sake. *Sigh.*  

But I digress. Check out the side past times side one. Heinz No Salt Added ketchup. This is where things larn interesting:

But precisely because there’s no salt added doesn’t hateful this ketchup doesn’t taste salty. Say what? 

I actually wishing they would precisely halt messing amongst things already.
See, they didn’t add together whatever salt. No, instead, they added AlsoSalt! Not sodium chloride, but potassium chloride, fifty-fifty though solely virtually 15% of the full population has sodium-sensitive hypertension (meaning  sodium intake has piddling to no effect on blood pressure level inward the other 85%) as well as there are a host of other reasons for high blood pressure that own got nothing to attain amongst sodium intake. And also never heed the fact that sodium is an essential nutrient, as well as the war on sodium is virtually every bit biochemically audio every bit the wars on saturated fat (i.e., non biochemically audio at all). So there’s no “salt” (or NaCl, sodium chloride, regular ol’ tabular array salt) inward this product. Fine. But they’ve added this newfangled mixture of potassium chloride as well as L-lysine monohydrochloride. Now, I’m non proverb AlsoSalt is bad. I’m non proverb it’s good, either. All I’m proverb is, it’s new, and, if you lot inquire me, it’s wacky. This additive was created solely because decades of misguided nutritional advice own got made people terrified of saltnatural salt, amongst sodium—a nutrient absolutely essential for skillful health. (Do you lot crave tabular array salt when you’re tired or stressed out? That’s because your adrenal glands love sodium!) Potassium is an essential nutrient, too, as well as L-lysine is precisely an amino acid, but still…I stand upwards past times my assertion of wackiness.

One to a greater extent than matter earlier I go: when I said they didn't add together whatever salt, I'm non beingness chemically accurate. Potassium chloride is a salt. "Salt" is sort of an umbrella term for for certain kinds of ionic compounds. The label should say, "No sodium added," but this is precisely me taking my anger out on the semantics. I larn it. We're used to using the generic give-and-take "salt" to specifically hateful table salt -- sodium chloride, the way some people nation "Xerox" when they hateful a photocopy, or "Kleenex" when they hateful a tissue. Still--doesn't anyone travel inward Heinz's writing department? Someone who knows that sodium chloride isn't the only "salt" inward the world? Maybe nosotros should sue them for faux advertising, because at that topographic point is tabular array salt added to this ketchup!  ;-)

That’s it for now. Just our weekly reminder that they’re doing freaky things to our food, as well as the to a greater extent than nosotros tin laid upwards from scratch at home, the better—including condiments, because they reject to halt conducting scientific discipline experiments where we are the guinea pigs.

And, every bit always, retrieve to read labels. Read, read, read, because you lot don’t know what you’re buying unless you lot know what you’re buying.

P.S. I'll attempt to own got to a greater extent than interesting label finds side past times side week. They're out there, that's for sure. I didn't larn inward to the store this weekend thence I had to role some pictures I had on hand.  ;)

Remember: Amy Berger, M.S., NTP, is non a MD as well as , LLC, is non a medical practice. The data contained on this site is non intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or preclude whatever medical condition.

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Label Madness Monday
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