Make A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Would you lot similar to know the secrets to neat grilled cheese sandwiches? Heidi Gibson, the Commander-in-Cheese of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is a serious grilled cheese champ. She has won to a greater extent than grilled cheese sandwich contests than anyone. Last nighttime I learned from Gibson how to brand breakfast as well as brunch versions of grilled cheese sandwiches as well as picked upwards closed to amazing tips. I also got the intelligence that The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen simply won a $250,000 grant that volition help them to opened upwards their 2nd place inwards the Cafe Gratitude infinite on Harrison Street. No joke. Gibson, director as well as co-owner Nate Pollack as well as all their customers are genuinely grateful.

So let's acquire started! 

What's best to slather on your bread? 
On the exterior Gibson goes alongside butter, she recommends European manner as well as she likes salted, non unsalted butter as well as thence that the sandwich has a fighting of "salty crunch" when you lot seize alongside teeth into it. 

What sort of breadstuff should you lot use? 
Almost whatever kind! With the exception of murphy breadstuff which does non lend itself good to grilled cheese sandwiches. Bread alongside holes tin endure used, but abide by a cheese that volition melt though, giving you lot crusty "plugs." Some types of breadstuff to consider--levain, sourdough as well as artisan whole wheat. 

What most seasoning your ingredients? 
Here Gibson breaks alongside tradition as well as says, if you lot convey salty ingredients similar bacon or ham, don't flavor each element every bit you lot go. Cheese also adds salt, as well as salted butter volition add together flavor to your bread. 

What seasonal ingredients are adept to use? 
The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen has offered upwards sandwiches alongside brussels sprouts, preserved Meyer lemons, asparagus as well as fifty-fifty butternut squash. While the sandwiches were delicious, they did non acquire best sellers alongside customers looking for to a greater extent than familiar fare. 

What most fruit?
Sure! Gibson especially likes peaches as well as strawberries. 

What's the best technique for grilling a sandwich?
It's non using a panini press, which creates a pressed sandwich something dissimilar from a traditional grilled cheese according to Gibson. Her technique is to role a hot convection oven. Place your sandwich on a canvass pan or a hot shape Fe pan, as well as hit each side separately earlier assembling. This technique allows for to a greater extent than fillings as well as elevation to a grilled cheese sandwich. 

What pairs best alongside grilled cheese sandwiches?
Beer! Gibson likes porter alongside an aged gouda as well as bacon sandwich as well as a hoppy IPA alongside spicier sandwiches. 

More transcend tips: 

Control your moisture. You desire to foreclose the breadstuff from getting soggy, as well as thence if you lot are using a wetter element similar tomatoes or a wetter cheese similar fresh mozzarella, layer inwards betwixt drier ingredients betwixt the bread.

Always set the smaller side of the breadstuff on the outside, as well as thence you lot convey to a greater extent than surface expanse inside. 

Avoid triple cream cheeses as well as brie which are every bit good fragile for most grilling techniques or role inwards the middle rather than adjacent to the bread. 

More is non better, endure sparing alongside fillings. The residual of breadstuff as well as cheese as well as other fillings is key.

In other grilled cheese news, my sandwich won the impromptu rival sponsored past times Tillamook cheese as well as volition endure offered at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen shortly alongside 20% of the profits going to the charity of my choice, La Cocina.  It's the Southwestern as well as features Tillamook Monterey Jack as well as Sharp Cheddar, fresh jalapeƱos, corn, love apple tree as well as dark beans on sourdough. 

My sandwich won't endure on the carte du jour tomorrow, but at that topographic point volition endure a Happy Hour at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen featuring Tillamook Cheese. This is a fun chance since the store is commonly non opened upwards inwards the eve (with the exception of Giants game nights). 

Wednesday, August 22 from 5–8 pm

·         $3 Tillamook Grilled Cheese - ‘Tillamook Classic Grilled Cheese’ (regularly $6) made alongside award-winning Tillamook Sharp Cheddar as well as Monterey Jack

·         Drink specials - Local arts and crafts beers ($5, Pitchers $19), California vino ($8), Sangria ($4, Pitchers $15)

·         Toppings (at an additional charge) - Fresh jalapenos, applewood-smoked bacon, seasoned roasted tomatoes, cured ham, housemade pickles, smoked turkey

American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
1 South Park
San Francisco

Open seven days a week:
Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
Sabbatum & Lord's Day 10am-4pm
*Extended hours during events/ball-games at AT&T park


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