No Croutons Required - The winner too May's Challenge

April's mushroom challenge is Baked Portobello stuffed amongst cheese as well as tomato plant sauce, served over lemon as well as olive petroleum dressed greens. This is a mushroom lover's dream! Congratulations Suganya! You had to a greater extent than or less tough competition.

Holler volition endure hosting the adjacent edition of No Croutons Required. As those of us inward the Northern Hemisphere in conclusion await forrad to summertime it's fourth dimension to convey on the salad. Holler invites us to "add a cheese endure it blue, crumbly, creamy, pongy, smoked, gooey or chewy. From vegetarian to vegan." Warm or cold, your entries are nearly desired. Your submissions are due past times May 20th. For a recap of the guidelines, delight go here.

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No Croutons Required - The winner too May's Challenge
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