Olive Crude Oil From Spain

Next calendar week I'll locomote inwards Spain, tasting the gourmet nutrient together with wines of the Basque region, thence heading out into the Blue Planet to catch wineries, a cheese maker together with a fish cannery, in conclusion ending inwards Madrid. But spell I'll locomote indulging inwards all things Spanish, yous tin laissez passer the axe larn a gustation too. 

Olive Oil from Spain is highlighting dissimilar olive crude oil varietals during Olive OIl from Kingdom of Spain Restaurant Week from Nov 12 -18, 2012 hither inwards San Francisco. Of course of didactics Castilian olive oils are non simply used inwards Castilian cooking thence inwards add-on to Contigo together with Canela, Atelier Crenn is also creating special dishes, inspired yesteryear the 4 almost pop Castilian olive crude oil varietals, picual, hojiblanca, arbequina together with cornicabra. 

I highly recommend dining at Contigo, I've loved it since 24-hour interval one. I celebrated a birthday at Atelier Crenn before this twelvemonth together with was actually wowed yesteryear the experience, from the nutrient through the service together with wines. I've entirely been to Canela once, together with it was correct later it opened. It was a flake hitting or miss, but it was early on days. You tin laissez passer the axe also honor Castilian olive oils at local Draegers, Mollie Stone's or Whole Foods. 

I got a direct a opportunity to crusade each of the varietals, which are oftentimes featured inwards blends thence I actually didn't know what each tasted similar on it's own. Here are my tasting notes:

- Buttery, mild, alongside a seize alongside teeth on the finish
Drizzle on raw or cooked vegetables together with grilled dish, non recommended for cooking

- Pungent together with bright, fruity
Use alongside warm salads, cooked vegetables together with sauces such equally mayonnaise

- Mild, sweet, creamy together with smooth
Recommended for frying together with inwards making bread, pasta together with pastries 

- Grassy, notes of hay
Best used for frying also it was suggested paired alongside orangish together with chocolate

I also got a sneak peek at the dishes that volition locomote served at Atelier Crenn. As yous mightiness hold off the dishes that chef Dominique Crenn created were wildly creative, beautiful together with exciting. 

Clockwise: Hamachi, caviar, beet gelee together with celery sorbet, Tomato, olive stone together with chèvre, Squab, sunchoke together with huckleberry, Fallen olive dessert

Courtesy of Olive Oil from Spain, hither are about real cool ideas for ways to role olive crude oil yous mightiness non accept considered:

* For a fast appetizer, pour it over fresh chevre or feta cheese alongside about pepper flakes together with chopped herbs. 

* Use instead of mayonnaise inwards your egg salad sandwich or deviled eggs. 

* Dress upward chocolate H2O ice cream yesteryear scooping into pocket-size rounds together with placing them atop a pocket-size puddle of olive oil.  Sprinkle alongside Maldon salt. 

* Mix alongside dear together with orangish juice. Serve over chilled orangish slices alongside julienned mint. 

* Toss on popcorn alongside a lilliputian tabular array salt together with hot or sweetness pimentón for Spanish-style popcorn. Goes particularly good alongside Almodóvar films. 

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