Saeco Syntia Focus Espresso Motorcar Review

The Saeco Syntia Focus espresso machine is the well-nigh impressive kitchen appliance I receive got e'er had the pleasance of reviewing. I never idea I would genuinely last reviewing whatsoever variety of java maker because spell I frequently drink espresso inwards Italy (as inwards multiple times a day) I rarely quaff java at all inwards the US. So no regular java maker fits the neb for me. It's either an Italian espresso machine as well as a overstep lineament Italian construct of java (illy is my preference) or why bother? 

First a piddling story. When I was inwards Italy this past times Oct I ended upward inwards Parma a piddling besides early on for an solar daytime of the month alongside my guide, hence I went to teach an espresso alongside my driver, Gianni. He told me he had an espresso machine at domicile that he as well as his married adult woman occupation every day, as well as proudly that it came from Saeco, a society headquartered close Bologna, his domicile town. Saeco start launched a completely automatic espresso machine for domicile occupation inwards 1985 as well as purchased the iconic Italian construct Gaggia inwards 1999, as well as and then inwards plough was purchased past times electronics giant Philips inwards 2009. 

I receive got non tested other espresso machines, but I tin say you lot what I consider the overstep 10 advantages of the Saeco Syntia Focus. 

1. Small. The machine accept upward less counter infinite than a traditional java machine as well as grinder.
2. Flexible. Each loving cup is brewed precisely every bit you lot similar (espresso or "long" American style) or hot water.
3. Easy. Actually it's super slow to use, no fancy settings or complicated programming options.
4. Economical. Because you lot alone construct what you lot want, non a whole pot. 
5. Versatile. H5N1 pocket-size minute reservoir allows you lot to add together closed to other variety of solid soil java (like decaf). 
6. Fresh. It uses a ceramic grinder to grind each loving cup to order.
7. Quick. Start upward takes less than a infinitesimal as well as a one-half out of stand upward past times mode.
8. High quality. It produces keen cups of java including espresso alongside existent crema.
9. Sleek. This is a fashionable machine you lot relish having on display on your counter.
10. Foam. It features a steamer for speedily frothing as well as heating milk. 

The negatives for this machine would last if you lot prefer super oily night roasts, those beans tin clog the grinder over time. Or if you lot are a existent command freak as well as desire a less automated machine. And it's pricey. I've seen it on sale alongside gratis shipping for every bit depression every bit $699 but the listing cost is $999.

So is the Saeco Syntia Focus correct for you? If you lot desire to relish espresso as well as cappuccino at home, inwards add-on to regular American trend cups of coffee, it but powerfulness last worth the splurge. And you lot know, this is the flavour for splurges.

Disclaimer: This production was provided to me for review purposes. I was non paid to write this or whatsoever other post.  


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Saeco Syntia Focus Espresso Motorcar Review
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