Saturated Fat Vindicated! (...Yet Again!)

“This thought that the saturated fats are going to move bad for yous never had whatsoever existent validity.”
                                                -Dr. Glen Lawrence, Superhuman Radio Show, 5/22/2013

Y’know how I’m e'er proverb wacky things that could larn me excommunicated from mainstream NutritionLand, such as, saturated fats are practiced for you, cholesterol inward our nutrient doesn’t automatically lodge itself within our arteries, as well as the newfangled, highly processed vegetable oils are far to a greater extent than damaging to our wellness than the practiced ol’, natural, chemically stable saturated fats? (You know…the ones works life inward such delicious things every bit butter, beef, cheese, kokosnoot oil, as well as bacon?) Well, lookey lookey, Glen Lawrence, PhD, Professor of Chemistry as well as Biochemistry at Long Island University, agrees alongside me.

He published a newspaper final calendar month titled Superhuman Radio. (Please, please, don’t allow the craziness of the website fool you. This present is BEYOND LEGIT. I’ve been listening for a duo of years right away as well as Carl Lanore is outstanding. You tin also larn it via iTunes. Dr. Lawrence’s interview was the 2nd one-half of this particular episode.) Here’s how business office of it went down:

Carl: “Why aren’t to a greater extent than people picking upward on this message as well as going, ‘Y’know, mayhap nosotros were wrong.’”

Dr. Lawrence: “There’s this form of clique of people inward the biomedical plain who, y’know, they back upward ane another. They’ve been spouting this doctrine of depression saturated fat, depression obese diets for hence many years, as well as they don’t desire to acknowledge that they’re wrong.”

So in that place yous guide maintain it, straight from mortal immersed inward the field. I promise they don’t kicking him out of the guild as well as steal his tiffin money. But if they do, he’ll move inward practiced company, considering a bunch of other researchers published right hither on this blog!

Okay, earlier this postal service becomes fifty-fifty longer than my park offerings, I’ll larn out yous alongside a preview of what’s to come upward every bit I percentage the awesome details of Dr. Lawrence’s newspaper inward upcoming posts:
  • He addresses what’s known inward the scientific Blue Planet every bit confounding. This is when approximately other factor(s) also the specific one(s) you’re looking at are truly causing the results yous observe. (An illustration I’ve seen used a lot to explicate this number is, whenever people consume to a greater extent than H2O ice cream, in that place are to a greater extent than shark attacks. Therefore, eating H2O ice cream causes shark attacks. Right? No. There’s a third factor that hasn’t been considered here: people by as well as large consume to a greater extent than H2O ice cream inward the summertime, as well as they also tend to operate to the beach as well as swim inward the body of body of water to a greater extent than inward summertime. The increase inward shark attacks has zip to create alongside H2O ice cream.) Another illustration would move a written report where they follow 2 groups of people, separated past times height, for 20 years as well as run across who ends upward getting cancer of the mouth. At the terminate of the study, to a greater extent than people inward the tall grouping had cancer than inward the brusk group, hence they conclude that beingness tall is a guide chances element for oral cancer. But what they didn’t trouble concern human relationship for was the fact that to a greater extent than people inward the tall grouping used chewing tobacco than inward the brusk group. The cancer is completely unrelated to height. In the instance of the newspaper at hand, Dr. Lawrence brings upward the number of carbohydrate intake confounding the data inward several studies that seem to present a correlation betwixt saturated obese intake as well as view disease. (Nutshell version: nosotros oft consume our saturated fats with grain-based carbs, every bit inward butter on bread, cream cheese on a bagel, hamburgers on buns, cheese on crackers. Very few studies ever isolate the effects of dietary saturated fats without carbohydrates.)
  • Kind of related to the previous point, he mentions that a lot of the information on cherry meat (which is sometimes used every bit a proxy for saturated obese even though beef, for example, is loaded alongside the same type of MONOUNsaturated obese works life inward olive oil) is oft lumped together alongside information on processed meats (sausages, hot dogs, bologna, etc.), as well as how it’s much to a greater extent than probable the additives as well as preservatives inward these foods that are contributing to whatsoever negative effects researchers find, rather than the meats themselves. (Not to holler nosotros oft consume our processed meats with carbohydrates, a la hot domestic dog on a bun, bologna on a sandwich, sausages with pancakes. Separating these factors isn’t easy, hence sometimes researchers merely don’t bother. Nice, huh?)
  • He talks almost the polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs), as well as how, based on their chemic structures as well as clear-cut biochemical mechanisms inward our bodies, they are much to a greater extent than probable to campaign view illness than saturated fats. This is a really large deal, as well as I'll beak almost why inward a postal service dedicated entirely to that. (Nutshell again: it has to create alongside those pesky, unstable double bonds that brand them discipline to oxidation.)
  • He talks almost the good things saturated fats create for us, specially the brusk as well as medium-chain saturated obese acids works life inward things similar kokosnoot as well as palm heart oils, as well as dairy fats (butter, cream, yogurt, milk [not obese gratuitous or skim! We're talking almost the fat, people!]). Yes, fats are to a greater extent than than merely a origin of liberate energy (or “calories,” to role the term yous mightiness move to a greater extent than familiar alongside when nosotros beak almost the chemic liberate energy stored inward food). They’re antimicrobial, antiviral, create non promote inflammation, as well as are a groovy origin of quick energy.
  • He addresses the connections betwixt saturated obese intake as well as cholesterol levels, but does us the wonderful service of breaking downwardly the intelligence into HDL vs LDL, particle size, as well as triglycerides—and fifty-fifty to a greater extent than important, tells us that cholesterol levels ain’t all they’re cracked upward to move anyway. (Especially not full cholesterol, or fifty-fifty LDL-C, which is sometimes all our doctors bother to await at. Don’t believe me? Take a few minutes as well as read this, this, as well as and hence this. Lots of reading? Not that much. Chris Kresser is agency to a greater extent than succinct than I am, as well as his information merely mightiness relieve your life.)
Okay kids, that’s plenty for now. More to come upward on this. Dr. Lawrence had approximately existent zingers inward this newspaper as well as I can’t hold off to percentage ‘em alongside you.

Happy eating, folks. Happy eating.

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Saturated Fat Vindicated! (...Yet Again!)
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