Thanksgiving Tips

Last calendar month I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner too a Christmas dinner. The alone thing missing was a crowd some the table. Why the feast? I was developing recipes for Roast Turkey, Brown Sugar too Mustard Baked Ham, Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Lightened Green Bean Casserole, a Holiday Salad (with pomegranate seeds too pepitas) too Harvest Apple Stuffing. I also created some recipes using leftover ham too turkey too for a few fun things you lot tin ship away brand for the holidays to hand equally gifts similar Peppermint Bark too Chocolate Chip Cookies inward a Jar. The recipes were for Grocery Outlet and volition endure featured inward a brochure for customers. 

Having never hosted my ain vacation dinners for 10+ people, I learned a lot! I shopped for equally much of the dishes equally possible at Grocery Outlet, afterward doing my planning too creating shopping lists. Of course of written report making lists of what you lot request to purchase is important, but beingness opened upwardly to swapping out ingredients if you lot detect something delicious too on sale is a proficient see too. I was planning to job dried cranberries inward the salad but establish pomegranates were a amend alternative at the time. 

Shopping at Grocery Outlet I establish many to a greater extent than organic products than I was expecting. There were organic fresh, frozen too packaged foods, too all were rattling competitively priced. Grocery Outlet has come upwardly a long way since I used to store at the San Francisco store affectionately referred to equally the "canned nutrient store." 

When it comes to vacation meals, the primary thing is to guide maintain an enjoyable fourth dimension amongst your menage unit of measurement too guests. If that agency buying a pie instead of baking one, too thence endure it! Concentrate on putting your unloosen energy into the things that thing most to you lot don't brand yourself crazy trying to practise everything. Most importantly? Have fun!

So hither are my tips for Thanksgiving: 

1. Divide too conquer! Holiday meals are to a greater extent than elaborate too involved. No 1 individual should guide maintain to practise it all. Letting guests or menage unit of measurement members accept responsibleness for a dish or a course of written report gets them to a greater extent than involved too is overnice way of sharing. 

2. Think big. Contrary to pop belief, many people honey leftovers! Especially roast turkey or ham, non to cite stuffing too gravy. Make plenty too thence guests tin ship away accept some domicile or too thence you lot tin ship away brand keen soups, sandwiches, enchiladas, stuffed crepes too more. You'll endure amazed at all the ways you lot tin ship away turn leftovers into fresh meals.

3. Plan ahead. Not alone is planning important, but preparing some things similar appetizers, side dishes or desserts ahead of fourth dimension volition brand the actual vacation much less stressful. Not everything tin ship away endure prepared ahead, but sometimes fifty-fifty components similar salad dressing or pie crust tin ship away endure made days earlier you lot request to job them. 

4. Enjoy seasonal flavors. Whether or non you're roasting a turkey or baking a ham, Autumn fruits too vegetables similar apples, pomegranates, pears, cranberries, sweetness potatoes, brussels sprouts too mash are welcome additions to the vacation table. Even if you lot serve them inward novel ways, they volition brand everyone experience the vacation glow.

5. Start early. Holidays are actually almost spending fourth dimension together, non simply eating. So invention to function together early on inward the day. Have appetizers too drinks, socialize earlier sitting downwards to the primary event.

Wishing you lot too your menage unit of measurement a rattling happy vacation season!


Disclaimer: Though I was compensated to practise recipes for Grocery Outlet, I was non paid to write this or whatever other post. 


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Thanksgiving Tips
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