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Today marks 29 days without coffee. If you lot had asked me when I started this 30-day experiment if I honestly idea I could exercise it, I would possess got said no. Except for a few weeks of basic grooming in addition to another armed forces diversions, I haven’t gone a unmarried day without coffee, permit lone 30. Of course, every bit I mentioned inward the concluding post, I’m non without caffeine, just without coffee*. Baby steps, babe steps. At unopen to point, I’ll in all likelihood consider giving upwards caffeine for a while, but for now, it was plenty of a psychological challenge just to surrender my honey brew.

So how possess got I been doing? Better! I admit, I’ve been drinking a staggering amount of yerba mate every morning, but that’s nearly it for the day. My start ii weeks sans cafĂ©, I was mainlining tea all hateful solar daytime just to experience similar I had something that would instruct me through without focusing quite hence much on how badly I wanted coffee. Not because I was tired in addition to wanted/needed the caffeine, heed you, but to a greater extent than because I missed the ritual java was the centre of—getting away from my desk, taking a walk to the java shop, in addition to taking those first, glorious sips of my warm, creamy liquid hug. While I started the hateful solar daytime alongside mate—which is high inward caffeine in addition to other natural stimulants similar theobromine—if I had tea at almost whatever other fourth dimension of day, it was commonly herbal. So the perceived demand for a pick-me-up later on inward the hateful solar daytime passed relatively quickly. This is non to state I never wished I could possess got unopen to coffee, but knowing it wasn’t an selection made it easier.

Say what?

Yes, knowing java merely was non an selection genuinely made it easier to abstain. I didn’t pass a lot of fourth dimension wishing that I could possess got some, or thinking nearly how skillful it would sense of savour in addition to how incredibly much I prefer it to tea. That would possess got been psychological torture. Pointless. I intend this is a strategy in addition to a perspective  that volition assist me alongside whatever I travail to take side yesteryear side from my diet. Over the years, I’ve found—for me, at least—that it’s much easier to possess got none of something than to just possess got a little. Because at that topographic point are unopen to foods that I can’t “just possess got a little” of. Once I instruct a sense of savour of whatever it is, ane teeny, tiny bite, all bets are off. As presently every bit that sense of savour sensation hits my mouth, it’s similar somebody flips a switch inward my encephalon in addition to I’m uncontrollable. So acre it’s hard to abstain completely, I’ve flora it’s easier to exercise that than it is to tell myself I’ll possess got ane slice or ane serving. Because ane time I possess got that ane piece, I’ll typically desire 5 more, in addition to hence I possess got to pass the side yesteryear side few minutes—or hours, sometimes—talking myself out of eating the entire package. Sure, it would possess got been hard non to possess got had any, but if I’d been able to stick to my guns in addition to possess got none, I wouldn’t possess got to create exercise off the inevitable cravings that that ane piffling sense of savour provoked.

So that’s the long agency of maxim ane time something is completely off the menu, it seems to live a piffling easier to avoid it. If a detail nutrient (or beverage, since we’re talking nearly java here) is at ane time upwards off limits, I don’t intend nearly all the reasons why I shouldn’t have it. Because I can’t possess got it. End of story. I’m non perfect, but I’m no fraud. If I tell people I’m non drinking java for xxx days, hence I don’t imbibe java for xxx days. And this experiment has taught me that the black-and-white nature of a determination similar this makes it easier, non harder.

Have I wanted java at times? YOU BETCHA!! There were a distich of days when things got stressful at operate in addition to my normal reaction would possess got been to caput for the java store in addition to purchase myself a loving cup of comfort. At dwelling inward the mornings, at that topographic point were ii days when I would possess got given anything for a loving cup of Teechino, but similar I said inward the concluding post, I felt similar that would possess got been cheating. So I just muscled on without.

Doesn't he aspect hence lonely? You tin
almost hear him calling out to me...
Two days until I tin possess got a morn coffee. I’m non afraid to tell you lot I am looking forwards to it. Like, massively looking forwards to it. Just thinking nearly it makes me smile. Is that a sign of how addicted I notwithstanding am to it? Probably. But perhaps when I prepare the pot to brewing in addition to possess got that first, glorious sip, I’ll uncovering it’s non every bit wonderful every bit I was expecting. (Set the pot to brewing? Yes. Keurig java is fine when you’re inward a hurry, but if you lot intend I’m gonna intermission my coffee-fast alongside anything less than skillful lineament beans, freshly ground, intend again. I possess got cipher against Keurig machines, but I’d rather my start foray dorsum into bliss non live tainted alongside what I’ve flora to live a slightly stale in addition to plasticky taste.)

I assume I’ll imbibe less java than I possess got inward the past, but I for certain never planned to give it upwards entirely. The whole betoken of eliminating foods from our diet for a menstruum of fourth dimension is to run into how nosotros exercise without them. And I haven’t flora I experience (or look) whatever ameliorate without coffee. This could real (very) good live due to the fact that I’m notwithstanding consuming caffeine, but overall, I’m non convinced java is alone bad for everyone across the board. At to the lowest degree non a loving cup or ii a day. Three ventis, loaded alongside carbohydrate or flavored syrups? Yeah, that powerfulness non just live conducive to skillful health. But my java habit was pretty far from that.

There are other foods I’d similar to possess got out of my diet for a acre in addition to run into how I do. And that—how nosotros feel, look, in addition to perform when nosotros add together or take things from our diets—should lead us, non what nosotros read inward magazines or the latest fads advertised inward tabloids at the supermarket checkout line. (I shamelessly stole “feel, look, in addition to perform” from this guy, except he commonly says “look, feel, in addition to perform.” I set experience start only because I tumble out to intend how nosotros experience should deport to a greater extent than weight than how nosotros look. And yesteryear “perform,” he’s non talking nearly getting on phase alongside your trumpet in addition to giving a concert. He’s talking nearly physical performance, whether that’s organized sports or just your commons workout.)

So what’ll live next? Gluten? All grains? The carbohydrate I’ve permit creep dorsum into my diet inward agency besides high amounts? I’m non sure. But if I tin become a calendar month without coffee, I tin exercise anything

*Note: Any caffeine I’ve been consuming has come upwards from yerba mate, tea, or night chocolate. I exercise not imbibe Red Bull, Rock Star, Monster, or whatever of the other “energy drinks”. Not fifty-fifty 5-hour energy, which is generally just B-vitamins. 

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