Tuit is Tweeting!

Well, I’ve done it:  I’ve taken 1 to a greater extent than footstep toward catching upwardly alongside the residue of humanity inward the 21st Century. Yes, I’ve gone as well as gotten myself a Twitter account!

The 5 of y'all who follow this spider web log know that brevity has never been my rigid suit, therefore it’ll last interesting to run into if I tin tell anything of value inward 140 characters or less. (What? You’re telling me tweets don’t get got to tell anything valuable? Sweet! Guess the pressure’s off, then.)

If you’re on Twitter, pop on over as well as follow me @TuitNutrition…assuming I tin figure out how to role the darn thing.  ;-)  (Also: is it incorrect to last asking people to follow me? Is that the novel social norm, or is this only the updated version of making structure newspaper valentines for the whole degree inward 2d degree as well as hoping alongside all your powerfulness that individual made 1 for you, too? Ah, popularity contests…they never teach away, produce they? At to the lowest degree right away I get got my ain car. Score 1 for adulthood!)

Now all I get got to produce is offset posting pics on Instagram, brand a Facebook page for Tuit, as well as upgrade these candles for around electricity. (Hehheh, only kidding. I may non last super tech-savvy, but I’m no Luddite. Thank goodness for electricity, every bit it allows me to waste copious amounts of fourth dimension watching Food Network read tons of educational blogs & websites.)

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Tuit is Tweeting!
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