8 1/2 Vantage Prediction Errors: #Moviedirectorneuroscientistmashup

Fellini/Schultz: 8½ Reward Prediction Errors

On Twitter, movie/brain buff My Cousin Amygdala issued the #MovieDirectorNeuroscientistMashup challenge using the next selections:

I made a few film posters to larn along amongst my suggestions...

Kurosawa/Tonegawa: Rashomon as well as the Memory Engram

David Lynch/Eric Kandel: Blue Velvet Aplysia

Write-in nominations were allowed, too.

How nearly Scorsese / Lynch / Maguire: Mulholland Taxi Driver's Hippocampus  {that 1 was a chip likewise involved for a poster}

Finally, I'll write inward 1 past times David Cronenberg and....

Cronenberg/Friston: Statistical Parametric Mapping to the Stars

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8 1/2 Vantage Prediction Errors: #Moviedirectorneuroscientistmashup
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