A Brain-Enhancement Entertainment Common Mockumentary

“There was a degree of undefined encephalon activity, close 30% higher, than the kids who stayed on the ground.”

The Centrifuge Brain Project is an awesome curt celluloid past times Till Nowak, featuring a deadpan surgery past times Leslie Barany.

The fictitious website of the Institute for Centrifugal Research (ICR) is 1 of the best since LACUNA Inc. (which lives on at archive.org):

Welcome to the homepage of ICR - the world's leading inquiry laboratory inward the highly specialized champaign of spinning people around.

We are proud of our history - a chronicle of passion together with pioneering achievements inward the realms of encephalon manipulation, excessive G-Force together with prenatal simulations. Established inward 1976 past times MD Matthew Brenswick together with MD Nick Laslowicz, the institute has never stopped doubting the by together with large accepted laws of physics.

established 1985.
Number of seats: 96
G-Force: 2.3
Model no. 810XN-96922

“Some of the exam results that twelvemonth were a footling likewise extreme to endure published.”

established 2003.
Number of seats: 172
G-Force: 9
Model no. 01758X-KAZT

“Unpredictability was an of import expression of our work.”

Coming soon: Derealization during utricular stimulation.
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A Brain-Enhancement Entertainment Common Mockumentary
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