Amygdala Stimulation Inwards The Absence Of Emotional Sense Enhances Retention For Neutral Objects

The amygdala is a pocket-sized construction located inside the medial temporal lobes (MTL), consisting of a discrete educate of nuclei. It has a reputation equally the “fear center” or “emotion center” of the brain, although it performs multiple functions. One well-known action of the amygdala, via its connections alongside other MTL areas, involves an enhancement of memories that are emotional inwards nature (compared to neutral). Humans in addition to rodents alongside damaged or inactivated amygdalae neglect to exhibit this emotion-related enhancement, although retention for neutral items is relatively preserved (Adolphs et al., 1997; Phelps & Anderson, 1997; McGaugh, 2013).

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Amygdala Stimulation Inwards The Absence Of Emotional Sense Enhances Retention For Neutral Objects
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