Happiness Is A Large Precuneus

What is happiness, too how produce nosotros discovery it? There are 93,290 books on happiness at Amazon.com. Happiness is Life's Most Important Skill, an Advantage too a Project too a Hypothesis that nosotros tin Stumble On too Hard-Wire inward 21 Days.

The Pursuit of Happiness is an Unalienable Right granted to all human beings, but it likewise generates billions of dollars for the self-help industry.

And right away the search for happiness is over! Scientists get got determined that happiness is located inward a pocket-size portion of your right medial parietal lobe. Positive psychology gurus volition get got to suit to the changing landscape or lose their marketplace position edge. “My 7 practical, actionable principles are guaranteed to increase the size of your precuneus or your coin back.”

The structural neural substrate of subjective happiness is the precuneus.

H5N1 novel newspaper has reported that happiness is related to the mass of greyish affair inward a 222.8 mm3 cluster of the right precuneus (Sato et al., 2015). What does this mean? Taking the finding at human face upward value, in that location was a correlation (not a causal relationship) betwixt precuneus greyish affair mass too scores on the Japanese version of the Subjective Happiness Scale.1

Fig. 1 (modified from Sato et al., 2015).  Left: Statistical parametric map (p < 0.001, peak-level uncorrected for display purposes). The bluish cross indicates the location of the peak voxelRight: Scatter plot of the adjusted greyish affair mass every bit a business office of the subjective happiness score at the peak voxel. [NOTE: Haven't nosotros agreed to not present regression lines through scatter plots based on the unmarried voxel where the final result is the largest??]

The search for happiness: Using MRI to discovery where happiness happens,” said i deceptive headline. Should nosotros get got the claim that i pocket-size portion of the encephalon is only responsible for generating too maintaining this complex too desirable dry reason of being?

NO. Of course of teaching not. And the experimental subjects were non actively involved inward whatsoever variety of business at all. The study used a static mensurate of greyish affair mass inward iv encephalon Regions of Interest (ROIs): left anterior cingulate gyrus, left posterior cingulate gyrus, right precuneus, too left amygdala. These ROIs were based on an fMRI activation study inward 26 High German men (mean historic menstruation 33 yrs) who underwent a mood induction physical care for (Habel et al., 2005). The High German participants viewed pictures of faces alongside happy expressions too were told to “Look at each human face upward too job it to assist y'all to experience happy.” The encephalon activity elicited past times happy faces was compared to activity elicited past times a non-emotional command condition. Eight regions were reported inward their Table 1.

Table 1 (modified from Habel et al., 2005).

Only iv of those regions were selected every bit ROIs past times Sato et al. (2015). One of these was a tiny 12 voxel portion inward the paracentral lobule, which was called precuneus past times Sato et al. (2015).

Image: John H5N1 Beal, PhD. Dept. of Cellular Biology & Anatomy, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport.

Before y'all nation I'm beingness overly pedantic, nosotros tin manage that the selected coordinates are at the border of the precuneus too the paracentral lobule. The to a greater extent than interesting fact is that the sadness induction of Habel et al. (2005) implicated a really large portion of the posterior precuneus too surrounding regions (1562 voxels). An expanse over 100 times larger than the Happy Precuneus.

Oops. But the precuneus contains multitudes, too then mayhap it's non too then tragic. The precuneus is potentially involved inward really lofty functions similar consciousness too Are You Conscious of Your Precuneus?

Be prissy to your Precuneus – it mightiness endure your existent self…

Your Precuneus May Be the Root of Happiness too Satisfaction

The Precuneus too Recovery From a Minimally Conscious State


1 The Subjective Happiness Scale is a 4-item mensurate of global subjective happiness (Lyubomirsky & Lepper, 1999).


Habel, U., Klein, M., Kellermann, T., Shah, N., & Schneider, F. (2005). Same or different? Neural correlates of happy too deplorable mood inward salubrious males NeuroImage, 26 (1), 206-214 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2005.01.014

Sato, W., Kochiyama, T., Uono, S., Kubota, Y., Sawada, R., Yoshimura, S., & Toichi, M. (2015). The structural neural substrate of subjective happiness Scientific Reports, 5 DOI: 10.1038/srep16891

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Happiness Is A Large Precuneus
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