Haunting Delusions Of Identity

Bugs Bunny inwards Hyde too Hare (1955)

Delusional misidentification syndromes bring fascinated filmmakers too psychiatrists alike. Afflicted individuals endure nether the fake belief that persons or things approximately them bring changed their identities or appearance. Classification schemes bring varied, exactly a full general outline includes:

from Table 1 (Ellis et al., 1994). Classification too description of the 4 main delusional misidentification syndromes (DMS).

Bugs Bunny isn't delusional inwards the icon above, because the mild mannered physician Jekyll has truly morphed into the monstrous too hideous Mr. Hyde. Or has he?

 Ever bring 1 of those days?

Cartoon interpretations of Strange Case of physician Jekyll too Mr. Hyde portray the mad scientist's transformation equally literal, too why not? It's visually arresting. We needn't dwell on the duality of skillful vs. evil within, or the harmful effects of repressive Victorian [or 1950s American] mores (although Kevin McCorry makes a convincing illustration that Hyde too Hare is An Overlooked Masterpiece).

The existent syndrome of Psychopharmacology of Lycanthropy

Werewolves of London, Ontario

Ophidianthropy: The Delusion of Being Transformed into a Snake


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Haunting Delusions Of Identity
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