Olfactory Deterrence

A armed services aide carries the “August 8, 2017 President Donald Trump:

“North Korea best non brand whatsoever to a greater extent than threats to the United States. They volition hold upward met amongst burn in addition to fury similar the footing has never seen... he has been really threatening beyond a normal state[ment]. They volition hold upward met amongst fire, fury in addition to frankly ability the likes of which this footing has never seen before.” (video)
Issuing a threat of nuclear state of war is non something to cheer nigh (“We're number one! We're number one!”). Jesus does non condone such an action, despite what blunt, bracing talk in addition to experience “protected yesteryear the vastness of America” “It doesn’t work organisation me,” said [a guy] at the Morgan County Fair inwards Brush, Colo. “We hold upward inwards the safest role of the whole country.”

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! I hollo to myself.1 The people interviewed for that article were betwixt the ages of 45 in addition to 76 (mean = 64.5 yrs), then they were all hold upward during the Cold War in addition to likely watched The Day After on TV (now on YouTube). Mushroom clouds, incineration, radiations sickness, utter devastation. In Kansas. The apocalyptic wasteland of suffering encouraged yesteryear a younger generation of trolls immune to actual footage of melting bodies in addition to needlelike radiations syndrome.

Olfactory VR

The callous Gamergate laid requires a to a greater extent than visceral in addition to disgusting approach to the gravity of the Trump-Kim Jong-un escalation. My near-future sci-fi solution to nuclear trolling would involve delivering odorants that comport the stench of expiry (e.g., cadaverine, putrescine) each in addition to every fourth dimension these jokers spread anxiety in addition to discord. This would require immersive virtual reality (or around preposterous means to deliver odorants via smart phone) in addition to real-time monitoring of social media streams for fundamental phrases. Exposure to the nauseating, inescapable odor of rotting flesh mightiness hold upward punishing plenty to initiate a modify inwards behavior...

...but this could ultimately backfire inwards the number of an actual Zombie Apocalypse, because they would hold upward protected from the marauding undead hoards. And that's non what nosotros want.

For a really dissimilar view on ironic amusement, meet this essay:
Today, the younger generations that volition produce upward one's heed our futurity did non experience terrifying emotions every bit role of their nuclear education. For them, the gigantic mutant ants in addition to degenerate state of war survivors that stem the memories of their grandparents are obvious myths, evoking alone the form of ironic entertainment that immature people honour inwards video games, TV shows in addition to superhero movies. These post-Cold War generations should so hold upward to a greater extent than gear upward than their elders to facial expression upward nuclear missiles dispassionately, non every bit supernatural prodigies exactly every bit manifestly machinery.


1 But wait. Don't Conservatives Scare More Easily Than Liberals? (“Say Scientists” then it must hold upward true). Or not. There were a lot of problems amongst that study, meet Conservatives Are Neurotic in addition to Liberals Are Antisocial.

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Olfactory Deterrence
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