Ophidianthropy: The Delusion Of Existence Transformed Into A Snake

Scene from Sssssss (1973).

When Dr. Stoner needs a novel inquiry assistant for his herpetological research, he recruits David Blake from the local college.  Oh, too he turns him into a ophidian for sh*ts too giggles.”

Movie Review yesteryear Jason Grey

Horror movies where people plough into snakes are Othello syndrome], the Fregoli delusion, bizarre delusion, nihilistic delusion [Cotard's syndrome], somatic passivity, somatic hallucinations, made deed [?], tertiary soul auditory hallucinations, derealization too depersonalisation. He was diagnosed every bit a representative of paranoid schizophrenia every bit per ICD 10.

He was was given the antipsychotic haloperidol patch existence treated every bit an inpatient for 10 days. Some of his symptoms improved simply others did not. “Long term follow upward is non available.”

The give-and-take of this representative is a bit... terrifying:
Lycanthropy encompasses 2 aspects, the starting fourth dimension i consisting of primary lupine delusions too associated behavioural deviations termed every bit lycomania, too the instant aspect existence a psychosomatic occupation called every bit lycosomatization (Kydd et al., 1991).
Kydd, O.U., Major, A., Minor, C (1991). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 genuinely neat, squeaky-clean isolation too characterization of 2 lycanthropogens from nearly subhuman populations of Homo sapiens. J. Ultratough Molec. Biochem. 101: 3521-3532.  [this is plainly a faux citation]
Endogenous lycanthropogens responsible for lycomania are lupinone too buldogone which differ yesteryear solely i carbon atom inwards their band structure; their plasma marking having a lunar periodicity amongst peak marking during the calendar week of amount moon. Lycosomatization probable depends on the simultaneous secretion of suprathreshold levels of both lupinone too the peptide lycanthrokinin, a instant mediator, reported to hold upward secreted yesteryear the pineal gland, that “initiates too maintains the lycanthropic process” (Davis et al., 1992). Thus, secretion of lupinone without lycanthrokinin results inwards solely lycomania. In our patient these molecular changes were non investigated.

oh my god, the newspaper yesteryear Davis et al. on the Psychopharmacology of Lycanthropy (and "endogenous lycanthropogens") was published inwards the Apr 1, 1992 number of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. There is no such matter every bit lupinone too buldogone.

 Stoner needs a novel inquiry assistant for his herpetological  inquiry Ophidianthropy: The Delusion of Being Transformed into a Snake

Fig. 1 (Davis et al., 1992): Structural formulas of endogenous lycanthropogens.

I know the authors are non-native English linguistic communication speakers, simply where was the peer review for the review for Sssssss, which was to a greater extent than thorough.

   David Blake -
Our poor victim.  David is a college educatee who gets recruited yesteryear Dr. Stoner to assist out at his farm, too hold upward his latest evidence subject.  He's a overnice guy, too at that spot genuinely is non much to state almost him, every bit he's pretty bland until he starts growing scales.

   Dr. Carl Stoner - The villain of our piece.  He's a ophidian researcher looking for novel grant money, too a novel evidence subject.  He genuinely agency good enough, too is looking to advance humanity, simply inwards classic horror pic fashion, he plays God too things become likewise far.

   Kristine Stoner - The doctor's daughter, who is also interested inwards snakes.  Especially David's.  She's smart, too kind, too i time to a greater extent than a chip of a blank slate beyond those traits.  Loyal to a mistake amongst her father.

   Dr. Daniels - A modest fry character, simply Stoner's primary rival, too the human being who holds the pocketbook strings.  The 2 doctors accept an antagonistic relationship, simply at that spot seems to hold upward an undercurrent of yesteryear friendship every bit well, overshadowed yesteryear Daniels' position.  Or I'm reading likewise much into things.

Sssssss has a score of 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. We don't accept a similar rating organization for mag articles, simply there's ever PubMed Commons too PubPeer...

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