Professor Richard Frackowiak On Retirement (And The Human Encephalon Project)

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 neuroimaging pioneer, distinguished Professor Richard Frackowiak, has come upward out in favor of retirement:
I retired aged 65 – I am known for existence real pro-retirement. Older scientists should advise, if asked, past times the side past times side generation, which they trained. They should refrain from occupying leadership positions or directing implementation – the fourth dimension for that is past.

This is an of import populace opinion to accept inwards a fourth dimension of dwindling resources in addition to opportunities for junior scientists. On the 1 hand, alongside the steady increase inwards life expectancy since 1935, many aging Boomers excogitation to piece of work good into their 70s. But on the other hand, this glut of working elders deprives many talented immature researchers entrée into tenure rails positions. The fact that a senior scientist wants to motility aside to allow the side past times side generation to occupy leadership positions is notable, inwards my view.

Prof Frackowiak's see on retirement was included inwards his comment on a ship nearly Henry Markam in addition to the Human Brain Project (HBP). In The laborious delivery of Markram’s brainchild, scientific discipline journalist Leonid Schneider takes Markram to trouble for his dictatorial HBP leadership, his publishing empire (Frontiers), in addition to most of all his hubris (e.g., 2009 TED talk):
“I hope that you lot are at to the lowest degree partly convinced that it is non impossible to build a brain. We tin produce it inside 10 years, in addition to if nosotros produce succeed, nosotros volition ship to TED, inwards 10 years, a hologram to verbalise to you”.

Frackowiak establish the ship “scurrilous” in addition to specifically objected to Schneider's mischaracterization of his ain retirement every bit “resigning” from the HBP:
I banker's complaint 1 error that could easily induce got been checked. Makes me wonder nearly the accuracy of this scurrilous blog. I did non resign from the HBP. I rest a trouble leader inwards the Medical Informatics Platform.  

But many have objected to the goals in addition to governance of the HBP from the real beginning. In fact, 2 years ago, 156 Principal Investigators (eligible for HBP funding) in addition to 660 others signed an Open message to the European Commission concerning the Human Brain Project. I won't rehash those issues (see farther reading below).

Schneider ends alongside some pointed links to highly embarrassing Frontiers papers, including 1 endorsing chemtrail conspiracy theories. Frontiers has issued an Expression of Concern nearly this paper:
An appear of job organisation on
Human in addition to Environmental Dangers Posed past times Ongoing Global Tropospheric Aerosolized Particulates for Weather Modification
past times Herndon, J.M. (2016). Front. Public Health 4:139. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2016.00139

With this notice, Frontiers states its awareness of several complaints in addition to serious allegations surrounding the article “Human in addition to Environmental Dangers Posed past times Ongoing Global Tropospheric Aerosolized Particulates for Weather Modification” published on xxx June 2016. Our Chief Editors, Joav Merrick in addition to Anwar Huq, volition straight an investigation inwards amount accordance alongside our complaints procedures. The province of affairs volition hold out updated every bit presently every bit the investigation is complete.

UPDATE (17 July 2016): The chemtrails article has been retracted past times Frontiers (via @Neuro_Skeptic):
Based on information discovered afterward publication in addition to reported to Frontiers inwards July 2016, the article was examined, revealing that the complaints were valid in addition to that the article does non come across the standards of editorial in addition to scientific soundness for Frontiers inwards Public Health. The retraction of the article was approved past times the Field Chief Editor of Frontiers inwards Public Health in addition to the Specialty Chief Editor of Environmental Health. The writer considers the retraction to hold out unwarranted in addition to hence does non concord to the statement. 

What does this induce got to produce alongside the HBP?? Nothing. It came along every bit move of the larger anti-Markram package.

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Markram et al. (2015). Reconstruction in addition to Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry. Cell. 2015 October 8;163(2):456-92.

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