Scary Brains In Addition To The Garden Of Earthly Deep Dreams

In instance you've been living nether a stone the past times few weeks, Google's foray into DeepDream procedure inwards their Research Blog:
Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks

. . .
We prepare an artificial neural network past times showing it millions of preparation examples [of dogs in addition to eyes in addition to pagodas, let's say] in addition to gradually adjusting the network parameters until it gives the classifications nosotros want. The network typically consists of 10-30 stacked layers of artificial neurons. Each icon is fed into the input layer, which therefore talks to the adjacent layer, until eventually the “output” layer is reached. The network’s “answer” comes from this finally output layer.

. . .
One means to visualize what goes on is to plough the network upside downwards in addition to inquire it to heighten an input icon inwards such a means equally to elicit a item interpretation. Say yous desire to know what sort of icon would upshot inwards “Banana.” Start amongst an icon amount of random noise, therefore gradually tweak the icon towards what the neural internet considers a banana... By itself, that doesn’t run really well, but it does if nosotros impose a prior constraint that the icon should get got similar statistics to natural images, such equally neighboring pixels needing to locomote correlated.

After Google released the deepdream code on GitHub, Psychic VR Lab fix a Deep Dream spider web interface, which currently has over 300,000 slap-up in addition to scary images.

I've taken an involvement inwards the hallucinogenic in addition to distorted encephalon images, including the i above. I can't properly credit the human input interface (which wasn't me), but I constitute it later a submitting a file of my ain inwards the early on stages of  I can't notice the url hosting my image, but I came across the frightening encephalon here, along amongst the original.

I've included a few to a greater extent than for your viewing pleasure. Brain Decoder posted a dreamy mouse hippocampus Brainbow.

Here's i past times HofmannsBicycle.

And a fun fave courtesy of @rogierK in addition to @katestorrs. This i is cartoonish instead of menacing.

Rogier said: "According to #deepdream the homunculus inwards our brains is a terrifying bird-dog hybrid."

Aw, I idea it was variety of cute. More pocket-size birds, fewer staring judgmental eyeballs.

And the grand finale isn't a encephalon at all. But who doesn't desire to meet the dreamified version of The Garden of Earthly Delights, past times Hieronymus Bosch? Here it is, via @aut0mata. Click on icon for a larger view.

When nothing's right, simply closed your eyes
Close your eyes in addition to you're gone

-Beck, Dreams

ADDENDUM (July 21 2015): It's worth reading Deepdream: Avoiding Kitsch past times Josh Nimoy, which confirms the preparation laid was filled amongst dogs, birds, in addition to pagodas. Nimoy also shows deepdream images done amongst neural networks trained on other datasets.

For example, the icon below was generated past times a neural network trained to create gender classification.

Gendernet deepdreaming Cindy Sherman Untitled B (1975)


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Scary Brains In Addition To The Garden Of Earthly Deep Dreams
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