Scientific Report Shows Mediums Are Incorrect 46.2% Of The Time

Not a real proficient showing, eh?

In the study,
“Participants were asked to press a push if they thought the soul inwards a photograph was living or deceased. Overall hateful accuracy on this trouble was 53.8%, where 50% was expected yesteryear endangerment (p < 0.004, two-tail). Statistically meaning accuracy was independently obtained inwards five of the 12 participants.”

The abstract claims the participants showed meliorate than endangerment performance, but fifty-fifty if nosotros convey this marking of accuracy at human face upward value (so to speak), the mediums were wrong 46.2% of the time. Remember that before your side yesteryear side psychic reading.

And of course of teaching nosotros should non convey the results at human face upward value. Let's convey a closer human face at the newspaper (Delorme et al., 2016), which was published inwards Frontiers inwards Human Neuroscience

Actually, let's convey a closer human face at the authors first. Arnaud Delorme, Alan Pierce, Leena Michel,  in addition to Dean Radin are all affiliated alongside the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), a parapsychology query works life inwards California. Dr. Delorme is also affiliated alongside UC San Diego. Along alongside Scott Makeig, he developed EEGLAB, a Matlab toolbox that's widely used to analyze EEG data. Delorme in addition to Makeig (2004) has been cited 5738 times (as of this writing).

Why is Delorme doing parapsychology research?? He's a long-time Zen meditator, according to his IONS biography. Why is Frontiers publishing parapsychology research? Here's one opinion.

Dead or Alive?

Figure 1 (Delorme et al., 2016). Process involved inwards creating a grouping of photographs of “Alive” in addition to “Deceased” individuals.

Photographs of known hold out in addition to dead people were selected from 3 meshing databases: (D1) schoolhouse portraits from 1939–1941; (D2) schoolhouse portraits from 1962–1968; and (D3) politicians (US senators excluded) in addition to businessmen. Why? Why purpose pictures of U.S. Representatives in addition to nation politicians exterior of California? Even though the subjects said they didn't recognize them, in that place could hold out a vague sense of familiarity alongside to a greater extent than or less of these faces.

Photos of 404 individuals were presented, in addition to the 12 participants pressed keys to betoken “deceased,” “living,” or “do non know”. 1

The participants all “claimed to hold out able to experience feelings of vitality from facial photographs alone. ... They were required to induce got been performing professional person ‘readings’ for clients...” THERE WAS NO CONTROL GROUP.  In other words, participants who did non claim whatever psychic or clairvoyant abilities were non included inwards this study. Thus, in that place was no means to know if the marginal powerfulness to discern whether a soul was hold out or dead was based on mediumship.

And marginal it was. Basically, they were terrible at determining whether people inwards former yearbook photos were dead or alive. Terrible. No meliorate than guessing. 2

Given the issue of statistical tests, nosotros should but reckon values alongside *** (p<.001), of which in that place were 2 (out of 35 possible comparisons). Therefore, the prove for mortality prediction (clairvoyance) should non hold out taken seriously, despite the authors' conclusion:
We create non dominion out the hypothesis that subjects mightiness induce got had access to information inwards ways that are non currently understood yesteryear modern physics in addition to could potentially become beyond classical information delivered yesteryear facial features.

Paranormal physics create non apply to former photographs, however.

And the EEG information were every bit unconvincing. The face-specific N170 constituent did non differ based on dead or alive, right or incorrect. The before P1 constituent showed a minor divergence betwixt right in addition to wrong responses for the deceased only, but in that place was no proficient explanation for this (“Future query could assess if low-level visual epitome characteristics in addition to attentional modulation were of import factors inwards leading to this divergence inwards electrocortical activity”).

The truth is out there, but this report provides no proof that the ‪#‎Supernatural‬ genuinely exists.


The “do non know” responses were non included inwards the analyses, in addition to nosotros induce got no thought of how many such responses were recorded.

2 Oh here's a fun fact. S06 indicated that 90% of the people inwards the photos were dead.


Delorme, A., Pierce, A., Michel, L., & Radin, D. (2016). Prediction of Mortality Based on Facial Characteristics. Frontiers inwards Human Neuroscience, 10.  DOI: 10.3389/fnhum.2016.00173


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Scientific Report Shows Mediums Are Incorrect 46.2% Of The Time
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