Smell Every Moment A Weapon, Together With Odor Every Moment Entertainment

The role of odor equally a weapon, or a deterrent, was explored inwards a fanciful means inwards my previous post on nuclear threats. While poking around the literature, I constitute a fascinating unclassified document from the Army Research Laboratory, Olfaction Warfare: Odor equally Sword too Shield (PDF). The authors render a sweeping overview of odor, from chemic tactics inwards the natural basis to the role of scents inwards the beauty too amusement industries. The primary armed services application discussed past times Schmeisser et al. (2013) is the role of odor inwards stealth operations. These are designed to deceive the enemy past times masking electrical flow place or projecting smells to a faux location. Although the document does non suggest putrid odor equally an offensive weapon, the authors verbalize over the history of such efforts.

Stink Bombs

Stink bombs are “devices designed to create an unpleasant odor forcing people to larn out an expanse or protecting off-limits areas against beingness entered.”

One unsavory application during WWII was used to brand High German officers odor similar rotten meat, simply unfortunately, “this inwardness was then volatile that it could non live on confined to specific targets too contaminated everything inwards the area.”

Another unsuccessful projection from 1966 tried to develop “culturally specific stink bombs, which would impact Vietnamese guerillas, leaving the United States of America troops unaffected. The projection was abandoned due to technical barriers.”

But a to a greater extent than contemporary programme reached the pinnacle of olfactory deterrence:
In 2001 the United States of America announced the evolution of the ultimate stink bomb aimed at driving away hostile forces past times a stench then foul that it results non entirely inwards disgust or aversion simply too fear. The odorant used inwards the bomb has been developed past times a squad of researchers led past times Dr. Pamela Dalton at the Monell Chemical Senses Center inwards Philadelphia too is a mixture of 2 agents: the United States of America Government Standard Bathroom Malodor (a mixture of 8 chemicals alongside a stench similar to human feces simply much stronger) too the Who-Me?, a sulphur-based odorant that smells similar rotting carcasses...


Schmeisser et al.'s technical study makes for surprisingly entertaining reading. It's highly unlikely that whatever other armed services document praises Polyester, John Waters' 1981 multimodal cinema lawsuit that provided viewers alongside scratch-and-sniff cards.
The cards had 10 numbered spots (1.roses, 2.flatulence, 3.model bird glue,, 5.gasoline, 6.skunk, 7.natural gas, machine smell, 9.dirty shoes, too 10.air freshener) that the audience scratched too sniffed when the appropriate divulge flushed at the corner of the screen. This system, called Odorama, solved the work alongside hanging odors that was the primary work of the early on smell-distributing systems.

Waters' Odorama succeeded where the older scent distributions systems had failed. Smell-O-Vision (1939) too AromaRama (1959) were fiscal disasters for moving painting theaters, because “the odors were weak, the smells persisted longer than was desired, too the molecules were distributed past times noisy systems.”


Present twenty-four hours applied scientific discipline for odor delivery has advanced beyond scratch-and-sniff, of course, too Olorama offers an enhanced cinematic sense (“the smells saltation off the screen”). The kits characteristic “very compact, hidden aromatization devices that are installed nether seats (1 device for every 5-7 seats, depending on their size).”

They too sell a production for abode use. Olfactory enhancement of virtual reality is not a novel development, simply this VR organization looks stylish, at the really least.

The fellowship stocks over 70 scents inwards categories such equally Fantasy, Food, Wild, and...





Schmeisser E, Pollard KA, Letowski T. Olfaction warfare: odor equally sword too shield. ARMY RESEARCH LAB. ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND MD. HUMAN RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING DIRECTORATE; 2013 Mar.

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Smell Every Moment A Weapon, Together With Odor Every Moment Entertainment
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