The Big Bad Brain

I’m high, staring at the ceiling
Sending my love, what a wonderful feeling
What comes next, I run into a light
I’m along for the ride every bit I’m taking flight

Plus a cool encephalon tattoo to boot. AND the vocal is an earworm (at to the lowest degree it is for me).

It feels practiced to live on running from the devil
Another breath as well as I'm upward some other level
It feels practiced to live on upward higher upward the clouds
It feels practiced for the outset fourth dimension inward a long fourth dimension now

A monument to honey unspoken
Carved into rock “Unwilling to come upward undone”

Here's what vocalizer Landon Jacobs had to say close those specific lyrics:
“in the facial expression upward of what I incorrectly assumed was an impending encephalon aneurysm, I decided that the best agency to pass my concluding moments was to force my honey through the universe to the people I cared about. I was terrified of dying, simply that’s non argue to squander a potential expiry bed situation.”

(he had gotten agency besides high on i occasion as well as had a panic attack... he idea he was dying)


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The Big Bad Brain
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