The Truth Nearly Cognitive Harm Inwards Retired Nfl Players

This Neuroimaging Method Has 100% Diagnostic Accuracy (or your coin back) together with The Dark Side of Diagnosis yesteryear Brain Scan for detailed critiques of the methods used here. I will flag 1 tiny issue, however:
“All NFL players were male, spell 56% of the command grouping were women.”

Why?? The authors accept a database of 100,000 SPECT scans...


1  11. What is the Baseline Assessment Program (“BAP”)?
. . .
Retired players who are diagnosed alongside Level 1 Neurocognitive Impairment (i.e., moderate cognitive impairment) are eligible to have farther medical testing and/or handling (including counseling together with pharmaceuticals) for that status during the ten-year term of the BAP or inside 5 years from diagnosis, whichever is later.

14. What diagnoses qualify for monetary awards?
Monetary awards are available for the diagnosis of ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Level 2 Neurocognitive Impairment (i.e., moderate Dementia), Level 1.5 Neurocognitive Impairment (i.e., early on Dementia) or Death alongside CTE (the “Qualifying Diagnoses”). H5N1 Qualifying Diagnosis may come about at whatever fourth dimension until the goal of the 65-year term of the Monetary Award Fund.

2 ADDENDUM (May 1 2016): I should say, “...cause CTE and/or other neurodegenerative disorders together with dementias.”

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...and A Clinical Approach to the Diagnosis of Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome


Daniel G. Amen, Kristen Willeumier, Bennet Omalu, Andrew Newberg, Cauligi Raghavendra, & Cyrus A. Raji (2016). Perfusion Neuroimaging Abnormalities Alone Distinguish National Football League Players from a Healthy Population Journal of Alzheimer's Disease : 10.3233/JAD-160207

Caption (from press materials): SPECT encephalon scans showing improvement of abnormal depression blood catamenia inwards an NFL role musician compared after 3.5 months on a customized encephalon rehabilitation program.

ADDENDUM #2 (May 1 2016): The authors' Conflict of Interest statements.

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The Truth Nearly Cognitive Harm Inwards Retired Nfl Players
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